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Engineering Services aid tool and die makers.

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Sep 02, 2009 - Service aims to design engineering programs that produce defect-free product. Able to address multiple disciplines to support every facet of project, design and engineering teams are structured to provide custom support for specific programs. Service brings together team comprised of engineers, program managers, tool makers, and mold makers that assist in developing design. Program managers monitor every step of program, while service also aids component consolidation/simplification.

Weiss-Aug Co., Inc. - East Hanover, NJ

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Engineering Services - Tool & Die Makers, Program Development, Program Management and Component Consolidation & Simplification

Press release date: Sep 01, 2009

Weiss-Aug has been stamping since 1972 and insert molding since 1980. With over 100,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space and 160 team members, our experts in materials, engineering and tooling will work with you to design your program, while our stamping and molding teams will provide you with defect free product.

New Innovative and experienced, our design and engineering teams are structured to provide our customers with custom support for their specific programs and projects. We stress early involvement with our engineering group, providing invaluable knowledge to improve, consolidate and take cost out of your project.

Our team consists of multiple disciplines to support every facet of your project. Tool and Die Makers - Developing new tooling programs, that are designed with a deep understanding of what works in the shop and on the manufacturing floor, and what doesn't.

New Program Development - a specialized team consisting of engineers, program managers, tool makers & mold makers that assist you in developing your design. Our program development experts can assist you with everything from what materials to choose, to how to best set up your program for stamping and for insert molding Program Management - Dedicated program managers that will monitor every step of your program from beginning to end. This allows our customers to have full in house control, with the ease of communicating with one person.

Component Consolidation and Simplification - Through progressive die and mold design, our engineering team focuses on ways to simplify and consolidate components. We've taken program designs that originally required 6 or 7 separate steps down to 1 progressive die.