Engate Technology Awarded New Patent for Anti-Spam Threat Protection

Patented Anti-Spam Technology Provides Superior Protection for Customers and a Distinct Performance Advantage for OEMs and Resellers

San Jose, CA - January 14, 2008 - Engate Technology Corporation, a leading anti-spam supplier and pioneer of next generation network profiling and connection management security solutions, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved the issuance of Patent No. 7,310,660 which covers methods for removing unsolicited messages from a client's email in a networked computer system in an off-line and on-demand manner.

The patent strengthens Engate's intellectual property portfolio and provides the company with ownership of key innovations that address critical anti-spam security needs of large enterprises and managed service providers, as well as, value added resellers and technology OEMs. The issued U.S. patent titled, "Method for Removing Unsolicited Email Messages", builds on Engate's unique network profiling connection management technology that preemptively identifies the spammer at the source and stops spam and malicious payloads at the protocol level before the message has a chance to compromise the network, IT resources and worker productivity. The technology was developed and patented by the following Engate co-founders: Rich White, Dr. Alan Huang, Dr. Haw-Minn Lu and Ira Victor. Altogether, these four inventors are responsible for over 30 patents.

"As a pioneer of network profiling anti-spam solutions, this type of protected innovation will allow us to continue to deliver superior value to our customers," said Rich White, chief technology officer at Engate Technology. "Our unique approach to preemptive anti-spam protection has proven to be accurate in stopping established and new threats, benefiting our enterprise customers, as well as, our strategic OEM partners and resellers with a distinct performance advantage."

Engate Fosters Anti-Spam Technology Leadership

The newly awarded patent is part of a strategic portfolio that allows Engate to continue to set the standard for innovation in the email security industry. The company's patents include 10 additional pending applications which specifically cover the company's unique network profiling and connection management anti-spam technology. Engate uniquely functions at 99% accuracy at the protocol level, without throttling, capturing, storing or reading email content. This high level of accuracy is made possible by Engate's unique network profiling approach.

Engate profiles entire offending networks to detect protocol fraud and determines the legitimacy of a sender's message before transmission to the private network by uniquely segregating legitimate mail servers from all other network hosts. This unique profiling functionality results in the highest level of performance in the market with virtually no false positives. Engate's leading database of network profiles gives organizations the fastest response to compromised hosts and new botnets the instant they emerge, ensuring preemptive and immediate protection against any creative tactic that may arise now or in the future.

About Engate Technology Corporation

Engate Technology Corporation is a leading anti-spam supplier and pioneer of next generation network profiling and connection management security solutions for service providers and enterprises, and can be licensed to anti-spam software, security appliance, router, firewall, and unified threat management vendors. The company's flagship product, Engate MailSentinel(TM), delivers preemptive SMTP connection level protection against messaging threats. Engate's Network Profiling Connection Management technology may be extensible to other protocols, such as Instant Messaging and Internet Telephony, delivering the best safeguard for today's and tomorrow's threats. For more information, contact Engate at 775.745.7151, info@engate.com, or visit the company 's website at www.engate.com.

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