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Energy Management System provides power grid stabilization.

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Nov 13, 2012 - Intended for utilities and large industrial applications, OptiGrid Stored Energy Solution combines appropriate battery chemistry with power conditioning system, monitoring system, shelter/container, and full service and engineering to best match user requirements. Turnkey, utility-scale capacity optimization system can be customized with one or more chemistries, including tubular technology, flat plate valve regulated, flat plate flooded, lithium ion, and/or lead acid designs and alloys.

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EnerSys Introduces Solution for Large Scale Energy Storage Market

Press release date: Oct 29, 2012

READING, Pa.,  -- EnerSys (NYSE: ENS), the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, announced today that it is entering the large-scale energy storage market with its new OptiGrid Stored Energy Solutions, a new turnkey megawatt hour scale energy management system for utilities and large industrial applications.

"Our new OptiGrid Stored Energy Solutions answers a critical need in the marketplace and, as such, may provide significant growth opportunities for EnerSys," said John D. Craig, chairman and chief executive officer of EnerSys. "Industry analysts forecast that the global market for large scale energy storage over the next 10 to 20 years could be between $200-$600 billion. We believe the large scale energy storage market is poised for growth in the near and long term and could reach two to four gigawatts by 2016."

Power grid stabilization is a prime concern among today's utilities, as they balance supply and demand and cope with issues such as voltage regulation, frequency regulation, peak management and renewable power integration. In addition, power disturbances are a major cost and concern today for both utilities and industry. It is estimated that the U.S. economy is losing between $119 billion and $188 billion annually from power outages and power quality issues.

Utilities and industrial users are increasingly discovering that large energy storage systems, such as OptiGrid Stored Energy Solutions, are effective tools for power grid stabilization.  According to the Electricity Storage Association, electric utilities are among the largest owners and users of electrochemical battery systems. Furthermore, Frost and Sullivan's research service predicts that electric energy storage technologies will be an inseparable part of smart grids and distributed energy generating systems in the future.

"EnerSys is uniquely positioned to meet this growing market demand," said Craig. "We have the financial resources, extensive production capabilities and proven product portfolio to provide a complete, competitive and diversified line of energy capacity optimization solutions from a reliable single source supplier."

A flexible, turnkey, utility-scale capacity optimization system, OptiGrid Stored Energy Solutions is available in the full range of battery chemistries offered by EnerSys, making it one of the most comprehensive, large-scale energy storage systems available globally.

OptiGrid Energy Storage Solutions can be customized with one or more of the proven chemistries of EnerSys(®), including tubular technology, traditional flat plate valve regulated, traditional flat plate flooded, lithium ion and/or advanced lead acid designs and alloys marketed under the well-known brand names such as PowerSafe(®) and DataSafe(® )batteries.

OptiGrid Energy Storage Solutions by EnerSys( )is provided as a complete, packaged solution that combines the appropriate battery chemistry as well as a power conditioning system, monitoring system, shelter/container and full service and engineering to best match the customer's technical and economical requirements.

Coinciding with the launch, EnerSys is currently completing the OptiGrid Stored Energy Solutions customer showcase, located in southern Vermont.  This showcase is being built to enable customers to understand the product platform as well as see the system in operation.  

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