Endless Belt Filter cleans cutting fluids.

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SealTrack(TM) Endless Belt (STEB) vacuum filtration unit cleans and recycles fluids used in industrial machining equipment. Liquid coolant, contaminated with metal and debris from machining operations, enters filter tank inlet duct. Heaviest particles fall to drag conveyor, while lighter particles travel to filter belt/media. Filter belt cycles to provide continuous loop of filtration and rinse operation. No tools are required for basic belt and screen maintenance.

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Endless Belt "STEB" Filter Improves Industrial Cleaning Process

Bowling Green, Ohio - August, 2002 Henry Filters, of the Durr Ecoclean Group of companies, has recently installed their new product "SealTrack(TM) Endless Belt" Vacuum Filtration units, referred to as "STEB" machines. Several OEM suppliers, Tier One and primary automotive suppliers have already purchased and installed this new technology.

Systems manufactured by Henry Filters are designed to filter and recycle the fluids used to cool and clean industrial cutting machining equipment. Henry Filters supports the automotive, aerospace, agricultural, and construction industries, and is a market leader in filtration products.

Endless belt operation means continuous filtration, with or without the optional disposable media. The STEB filter operates as follows - Liquid coolant, contaminated with metal, plastic chips and other debris from a variety of machining operations enters a filter tank inlet duct. The heaviest particles fall to a drag conveyor, while lighter particles travel to the filter belt/media.

Flow is drawn through the filter belt/media, which accumulates the debris on its surface. As the particulate builds, a vacuum is produced across the filter belt/ media. A vacuum switch senses the restriction, and automatically indexes the filter belt/media several inches to expose clean surface area for unrestricted flow of liquid.

With the filter in endless filter belt mode, a wash header rinses away the contaminants, which are sent to a settling area, to be removed from the filter tank by the lower drag assembly. The filter cycles in this manner providing a continuous loop of filtration, index, and rinse operation. In disposable media mode, the vacuum switch senses the restriction in vacuum, the new media is then introduced into the tank, with the dirty media exiting the filter into a chip tote. In both modes, during the index timeframe, fluid being supplied to the machines is being drawn from the filter's clean reservoir to provide a non-interrupted flow of fluid.

A full width flighted drag conveyor operates independently of the filter belt, and can operate either intermittently which reduces wear and produces a dry chip disposable condition; or continuously, when under conditions of heavy chip load.

At no point of the operation do the drag flights ride on either the belt or disposal media, eliminating the risk of the media cutting, tearing or wearing out.

The STEB unit offers service advantages over other filter technologies, such as a tension mounted side seal to prevent chip bypass around either the endless belt or disposable media. In addition, the belt does not require manual fastening, making installation or replacement simple and easy. No tools are required for basic belt and screen maintenance.

Henry Filters is a member of the Durr Ecoclean Group of companies - the world's largest supplier of automation systems, cleaning technology and filtration equipment/technologies to the powertrain industry. The Durr Ecoclean Group of companies operate under the umbrella of the strategic management holding company, Durr AG headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

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