Encoder mounts on machine or motor shaft.

Press Release Summary:

Sealed Series HS20 Dynapar Hollowshaft Encoder is available in 2 in. configuration with English and metric hub sizes ranging from 1/4 to 5/8 in. and 6 mm to 16 mm. It mounts directly to shaft using hollow, floating shaft mount and anti-rotation spring tether. Unit has precision bearings and seals at both ends of hollow shaft, LED light source, operating speeds to 100 kHz and NEMA 4/IP65 rating. Outputs are compatible with most 5 V TTL circuits.

Original Press Release:

HS 20 Sealed Hollowshaft Encoder With Robust Metal Hubshaft

Gurnee, IL-December 6, 2001- The popular Dynapar brand Sealed Hollowshaft encoders are now available in Size 20 (2 inch) configuration. The Series HS20 mounts directly to machine or motor shafts using a unique, hollow, floating shaft mount and simple, anti-rotation spring tether. Robust metal hub and flexible spring mount allow for easy installation on motor or machine shafts. This type of mounting reduces the encoders installed-depth and also lowers installation cost. Available with English and Metric hub sizes ranging from 1/4" to 5/8" and 6 mm to 16 mm, the HS20 includes precision bearings and seals at both ends of the hollowshaft. Resolutions to 2500 PPR permit the HS20 to be used in feedback applications requiring utmost precision.

Additional features include: LED light sources; matched sensors; operating speeds to 100 kHz; and a NEMA 4 / IP65 rating. A 5-26 VDC line-driver, with complementary outputs, is available for long cable runs and high electrical noise immunity. Outputs are compatible with most 5 volt TTL circuits, as well. A unique LED Output Indicator option shows the status and phasing of all electrical outputs, greatly simplifying installation setup.

Typical applications are motor-mounted feedback, industrial equipment, assembly machinery, and robotics. Other applications include phototypesetters and printers, medical diagnostic equipment, computer peripherals, and instrumentation. Prices start at $250 (US) list, with same day delivery available on all models.

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