EnableX™ Pre-Preg Molding System comes with reinforcement options.

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EnableX™ Pre-Preg Molding System offers advantages such as stiffness, chemical resistance, self-lubricating and low wear, good dielectric properties. Unit is suitable for composite materials and natural fibers such as cotton or paper, to carbon, glass. System is designed for compression molding.

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Produce Near Net Shapes With Pre-Preg

Norplex-Micarta Announces EnableX™ Pre-Preg Molding System

EnableX™ is a breakthrough technology system from Norplex-Micarta that allows continuous fiber pre-preg to be co-cured in a multi-material molding system to produce near net shapes.

Building upon the predictability of continuous fiber reinforced thermoset pre-pregs, EnableX™ materials are specifically designed for compression molding, tested to ensure compatibility and supported by a team of Norplex-Micarta application engineers. In addition, Norplex-Micarta’s in-house laboratory and development capabilities allow for new concepts to be prototyped, or datasets to be developed to support specific design criteria.

EnableX™ is the latest generation of products designed by Norplex-Micarta to bring affordability and mass production scale to markets seeking the many advantages of composite materials, such as: superior specific strength and stiffness, inherent chemical resistance, self-lubricating and low wear, excellent dielectric properties and low fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) generation.

EnableX™ has been verified on several different epoxy and phenolic resin systems, with more in development. Reinforcement options are essentially limitless, from natural fibers such as cotton or paper, to carbon, glass, and fibers that significantly alter the behavior of the material such as PTFE or thermoplastics are all available in the EnableX™ system.

To determine the best EnableX™ solution for a specific application, contact a member of the Norplex-Micarta’s application engineering support team at technology@norplex-micarta.com. Learn more about EnableX™ at https://www.norplex-micarta.com/enablex/

About Norplex-Micarta

Norplex-Micarta is one of North America’s leading producers of thermoset composite pre-pregs, sheets, and shapes. These hybrid and multi-material solutions are prized for their design flexibility, consistency, and value. From the global headquarters in Postville, Iowa to their satellite plant in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, the Company works directly with OEMs and other consumers of composite materials to develop new materials in order to solve unique challenges. With a history of more than 100 years, the Company’s legacy of innovation, quality, and unparalleled service make NorplexMicarta the partner of choice for thermoset composites.

For more information visit www.norplex-micarta.com.

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