Emulsifier works with low density ammonium nitrate.

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Unaffected by ingredients in porous low density ammonium nitrate (LDAN), ARKOMON XP 1014 enables use of LDAN in emulsion explosives to deliver consistent, reliable blast results. Emulsifier forms emulsions that are stable and water resistant, and emulsion shelf life, measured in weeks, affords users flexibility to store emulsion or account for delays in blasting process. Resulting droplet size promotes velocity of detonation and effective use of available blast energy.

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Clariant Mining Solutions Introduces Emulsifier ARKOMON XP 1014

- ARKOMON XP 1014 offers significantly better stability for longer shelf life

- The emulsifier produces a 20% smaller droplet size for higher velocity of detonation

HOUSTON -- Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals and the world's leading supplier of ether amines to the mining industry, introduces ARKOMON XP 1014, a new emulsifier specifically designed to work with low density ammonium nitrate (LDAN). This new product, offered by Clariant Mining Solutions, enables LDAN to be used in emulsion explosives to deliver consistent, reliable blast results.

"Clariant's ARKOMON XP 1014 gives explosives producers the flexibility to use widely-available LDAN for manufacturing emulsions, offering greater stability for longer storage of the emulsion," says Finlay Morrison, Vice President of Clariant Mining Solutions. "Explosives producers will see that using ARKOMON XP 1014 delivers consistent blast results with low quality LDAN in emulsion, resulting in significant savings for companies."

ARKOMON XP 1014 is not affected by ingredients found in porous LDAN, which often cause destabilization and crystallization of the emulsion. This new product forms emulsions that are highly stable and water resistant - key factors in reducing oxides of nitrogen emissions. Mining operations and explosives companies can achieve an emulsion shelf life measured in weeks, rather than days or hours, giving them more flexibility to store the emulsion or account for delays in the blasting process.

This new emulsifier from Clariant is used at the same dosage rates as standard emulsifiers using high density ammonium nitrate (HDAN). ARKOMON XP 1014 produces a 20% smaller droplet size than standard emulsifiers, resulting in a higher velocity of detonation. This allows the emulsion to more effectively use available blast energy,  which results in a more uniform muckpile and controls downstream processing costs.  With ARKOMON XP 1014, explosive manufacturer now have the flexibility to choose the type of ammonium nitrate that best suits the application and cost profile.


Clariant is a globally leading specialty chemicals company, based in Muttenz near Basel/Switzerland. On December 31, 2013 the company employed a total workforce of 18,099. In the financial year 2013, Clariant recorded sales of CHF 6.076 billion for its continuing businesses. The company reports in four business areas: Care Chemicals, Catalysis & Energy, Natural Resources, and Plastics & Coatings. Clariant's corporate strategy is based on five pillars: increase profitability, reposition portfolio, add value with sustainability, foster innovation and R&D, and intensify growth.


Clariant Mining Solutions is a leading provider of flotation chemicals and emulsifiers for explosives to the global mining industry. Clariant's strong and growing team of technical experts operate around the globe and is dedicated to providing world-class specialty chemical solutions that add value to customers' mining operations. The company operates nine state-of-the-art R&D laboratories worldwide which are dedicated to the development and optimization of chemical solutions.


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