EMI-Free, Weatherproof TWVS Product comes sealed in aluminum case.

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Targeted for outdoor deployment, ACRS 2.0 is certified with both Google and Iconectiv TV white space (TVWS) databases by FCC in USA. Out-of-band emission allows solution to coexist interference-free with over-the-air TV broadcast and minimizes potential interference between white space devices. NLOS OFDMA technology, combined with propagation characteristics in UHF TV band, allows reliable connectivity in challenging radio propagation environments in rural, suburban, and urban areas.

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Adaptrum Announces Second Generation TV White Space Product ACRS 2.0

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Adaptrum, Inc., a leading provider of TV white space (TVWS) technology, today announced that it has launched its market leading, second generation TV white space product ACRS 2.0. Built on the success of Adaptrum's ACRS 1.0 with significant performance and feature enhancements, ACRS 2.0 is Adaptrum's latest generation TVWS product targeted for volume production and outdoor deployment. ACRS 2.0 is certified with both Google and Iconectiv TVWS databases by the FCC in the United States.

ACRS 2.0 has the cleanest out-of-band emission in the industry allowing it to coexist interference-free with over-the-air TV broadcast and minimize potential interference between white space devices. Using an innovative TDD OFDMA implementation, ACRS 2.0 achieves best-in-class latency and rate-versus-range performance comparing to any other wireless broadband product on the market. ACRS 2.0's NLOS OFDMA technology combined with superior propagation characteristics in the UHF TV band allows reliable connectivity in the most challenging radio propagation environments in rural, suburban and urban areas. Enclosed in a sealed and ruggedized aluminum case, ACRS 2.0 product is light weight, simple to install, weather-proof and EMI free.

As part of the ACRS 2.0 launch, Adaptrum also announced a Starter Kit Program to help interested customers get up to speed with Adaptrum's market leading TV white space technology. Two configurations are available. The P2P Kit has 1 TVWS AP and 1 TVWS client which allows the customer to build a point-to-point broadband link using TV white space. The Starter Kit has 1 AP and 2 clients which allows the customer to set up a simple TV white space network. Both are turn-key kits that include all necessary accessories and come with TVWS database access. The price of P2P Kit is $4,395 and the price of Starter Kit is $5,495. They can be ordered directly on our ACRS 2.0 launch website.

Prior to today's official ACRS 2.0 launch, we have already been shipping ACRS 2.0 systems to selected customers through our preferred customer program since Q1 2014. All customers who have deployed and tested ACRS 2.0 systems have expressed high level of satisfaction with the performance and reliability of the product. They are equally impressed with the rate-versus-range performance of TVWS technology in side-by-side comparisons with existing wireless products in 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz, further validating TVWS as a leading solution for the fixed wireless broadband market. To date, Adaptrum has shipped hundreds of ACRS 2.0 radios worldwide which have been deployed in 15 countries across 4 continents. Last month, My Digital Bridge and Microsoft in partnership with Adaptrum deployed the world's largest TV white space network using ACRS 2.0 product, connecting 28 schools spanning hundreds of kilometers in Northern Namibia.


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