EMI filter is designed for wireless handsets.

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Available in 0.40 mm pitch chip scale package, Praetorian(TM) CM1452 EMI filter is offered in 4, 6, and 8 channel versions. Each channel consists of 3 pole L-C filter with min inductor value of 17 nH and nominal capacitor values of 15 pF. Device offers ESD protection up to ±15 kV contact discharge per IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 specification and ± 30 kV using Human Body Model. Typical corner frequency is 300 MHz and attenuation is greater than 30 dB between 800 MHz and 3 GHz.

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California Micro Devices Introduces New Generation Praetorian(TM) EMI Filter for Wireless Handsets in the Most Compact Footprint

CM1452: All-in-One - Unprecedented EMI Filter Performance in Industry Leading 0.40mm Pitch CSP

MILPITAS, Calif., April 4 -- California Micro Devices (NASDAQ:CAMD) today introduced a new generation Praetorian(TM) CM1452 EMI (electromagnetic interference) filter that offers outstanding filter performance combined with a high level of ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection in an industry leading, compact 0.40mm pitch Chip Scale Package (CSP). This high performance single chip solution leverages CMD's proprietary Praetorian(TM) process technology allowing the integration of spiral inductors on silicon, and provides significant advantages in filter performance, ESD protection, form factor and cost when compared to competing R-C (Resistor- Capacitor) and ceramic based solutions.


The Praetorian(TM) CM1452 provides both superior EMI filtering and ESD protection for interfaces connecting the host processor to the camera and display modules in wireless handsets. In popular clamshell and slider phone configurations, such interfaces are typically routed on a flexible printed circuit board, and as a result are highly vulnerable to EMI radiation and potential ESD strikes. In addition, as data rates increase and signal integrity requirements become stricter, the use of traditional EMI filters based on R-C architectures results in significant signal degradation leading to potential application issues such as visible data corruption on the display.

Key Features

Each channel of the CM1452 consists of a 3 pole L-C filter with a minimum inductor value of 17nH and nominal capacitor values of 15pF. The CM1452's insertion loss is much lower than R-C filters, typically less than 1dB. With a typical corner frequency of 300MHz, rolloff of 20dB/octave and attenuation greater than 30dB between 800MHz and 3GHz, the CM1452 offers industry leading filter performance. In addition, the CM1452 features robust ESD protection up to +/- 15kV contact discharge per IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 specification and +/- 30 kV using the Human Body Model (HBM).

The device is housed in an industry leading 0.40mm pitch Chip Scale Package (CSP) featuring sizes of 1.67mm x 1.05mm, 2.47mm x 1.05mm and 3.30mm x 1.05mm for the 4, 6 and 8 channel versions respectively. This represents an unique opportunity for designers to save up to 45 percent space versus equivalent 0.50mm pitch CSP or traditional plastic package solutions such as TDFN. Competing ceramic solutions require the use of additional diodes for ESD protection, thus increasing cost and form factor by up to 55 percent.


Using the Praetorian(TM) CM1452, wireless handset designers can benefit from the highest levels of EMI filtering and ESD protection in the most compact footprint while still meeting the key requirement of maintaining excellent signal integrity on sensitive data lines such as the imager or display module interfaces. The CM1452 is the most compact EMI solution available to wireless handset designers, and provides a complete EMI/ESD single chip solution compared to ceramic filters that require the use of external discrete ESD protection devices. The reduced part count optimizes the footprint and lowers the overall bill of materials. Moreover, 0.40mm pitch CSP products are twice as robust from a mechanical standpoint (die strength) as the equivalent solution in 0.50mm pitch CSP.

Pricing and Availability

The CM1452 is currently sampling, and pricing starts at $0.24, $0.33 and $042 in 1,000 units for the 4, 6 and 8 channel configurations respectively. Production is scheduled for Q2 2006. The CM1452 is a lead free product and CMD's Optiguard(TM) coating option is available for increased robustness.

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California Micro Devices Corporation is a leading supplier of application specific analog semiconductor products for the mobile handset, personal computer and digital consumer electronics markets. Key products include Application Specific Integrated Passive(TM) (ASIP(TM)) devices and selected high value mixed signal ICs. Detailed corporate and product information may be accessed at www.calmicro.com.

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