Emerson Enhances Ovation® SCADA Capabilities for More Effective Management of Remote Power Generation Assets

Integration of Bristol® ControlWave® RTU technology offers better insight into remote operations; capability is particularly valuable for managing renewable energy resources

PITTSBURGH, PA (Jan. 6, 2009) - Today Emerson Process Management announced that its Bristol® ControlWave® remote terminal unit (RTU) technology has been fully integrated into its Ovation® SCADA platform, translating into a number of benefits for power generators. These benefits include better management of remote sites - such as wind farms, solar farms, hydro-electric plants and other renewable energy resources - and reduced operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.

Traditionally, SCADA systems poll RTUs for information either at specified time intervals or on demand. With the tight integration of the Bristol ControlWave RTU, the Ovation SCADA platform now features a configurable polling mechanism. This allows operators the option of having the RTUs send data directly to the SCADA server or central Ovation control system only when values change. Not typically available from other SCADA suppliers, this "report by exception" messaging scheme not only optimizes bandwidth but also provides real-time alarming of remote sites.

The Ovation SCADA system now also offers users access to more data than was available previously. If configured for periodic polling, the Ovation SCADA solution with ControlWave RTU technology has the capability to buffer and time stamp data - including alarms - then send it directly to the Ovation historian so that no data is "lost" in the event of a communication failure. Conversely, when most other SCADA systems are configured to transmit data during specific time intervals, only a "snapshot" of information is relayed back to the SCADA server. This is less than optimal, as alarms or other abnormalities can be missed if they take place between polling intervals or during a communication outage.

The availability of better and more complete information through the integrated Ovation SCADA solution is advantageous for early detection of equipment failure, more efficient deployment of field crews, and a higher degree of data integrity. It also offers enhanced reliability features unique to Emerson. These include fault-tolerant data transmission through redundant communication schemes as well as an additional security mechanism that ensures the RTU is communicating only with the SCADA server or central Ovation control system and not being intercepted by an outside source.

The state-of-the-art monitoring, control and diagnostic functionality of Emerson's enhanced SCADA solution optimizes renewable energy generation operations. It supports connections to a variety of equipment used in renewable energy sites, including turbine controllers, feed water controls, mirror assemblies, heat storage controls, substation controls, water level controls, pump house controls, meteorological towers and switchgear. The Ovation SCADA solution also supports multiple communication network types, such as dial-up, leased lines, and wireless, and is able to remotely start, stop, reset and tag out individual pieces of equipment, minimizing labor-intensive site visits. Protective supervisory shutdown is automatically conducted by the Ovation SCADA system when certain predefined site conditions are reached. Diagnostic information generated from the generation equipment is available from the Ovation SCADA system through network interfaces. Also, the SCADA system allows users to easily track equipment maintenance schedules and histories, and access custom reports.

Emerson's solutions for renewable energy are derived from more than a century of experience providing proven technologies for a variety of energy generating assets, including coal-fired, combined cycle and cogeneration units, according to Bob Yeager, president of the Power & Water Solutions division of Emerson. "For the past 20 years, we have built upon our successful fossil-fuel foundation to develop automation strategies for alternative energy resources, including hydro-electric, solar and wind," explained Yeager. "As power generators around the world diversify their generating assets by investing in alternative energy resources, Emerson is uniquely qualified to help our customers best manage their renewable generation assets."

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