Emerging Innovations in Sensory Experience and Consumer Convenience Highlight Zip-Pak® Resealable Solutions at Pack-Expo 2014

Zip-Pak® will offer packaging professionals a sneak peek at the next generation of resealable solutions during Pack Expo 2014, South Hall, Booth 3102, Chicago, IL.

Manteno, IL – Zip-Pak, the global leader in zipper technology, will feature its complete range of proven resealable solutions, and introduce two emerging technologies at Pack Expo 2014. Consumer convenience and sensory experience are the drivers behind PresSure Lok® and Fragrance-Zip™, two new Zip-Pak innovations in development that will be on display this year.

Introducing PresSure Lok®:  The New Controlled Dispensing, Resealable Pouch Innovation for Liquid Products

PresSure Lok is an ideal solution for controlled dispensing of liquid products in the form of shampoos, personal care products, detergents, energy products, and even beverages and condiments. Controlled-Chamber Technology delivers a unique all-in-one solution that combines a flexible pouch with a flexible and self-contained fitment, eliminating the need for a separate dispensing component. The user simply squeezes the flexible pouch to open the seal, allowing liquid product to flow into the dispensing chamber. The package then automatically reseals itself for future use. This proprietary sealing mechanism is designed to allow the flexible package to lie on its side, or even upside down, without unintentional dispensing. 

Currently available for trial and test market production, PresSure Lok simultaneously incorporates several packaging industry trends, including the ongoing movement from rigid to flexible packaging. The package is expected to serve as a viable alternative to blow-molded bottles. 

Consumers benefit from the light weight, easy-to-use package that offers controlled product dispensing. Sustainability goals are achieved through the use of far less materials required for production and transportation in comparison to rigid packaging. Marketers benefit from a brand differentiating product delivery system, as well as the high-impact graphics made possible with flexible packaging.

PresSure Lok represents the latest in a series of Zip-Pak collaborations with long-time supply chain partner TechniPac, a leading flexible packaging converter.

Introducing Fragrance-Zip™:  A New Dimension in Sensory Packaging

Zip-Pak taps into the power of scent with Fragrance-Zip™, the latest in its portfolio of Sensory Feedback Fasteners. Fragrance-Zip is a new zipper closure solution designed to emit a customized aroma upon initial and subsequent openings of a flexible resealable package.  The scent is embedded in the reclosure during the manufacturing process. By working in close partnership with several fragrance companies, Zip-Pak can duplicate virtually any desired aroma, enabling a package to replicate a desired scent whenever opened. This versatile fragrance option can be incorporated into any style of resealable Zip-Pak closure.

Since introducing the new fragrance fastener, a number of consumer brands already have expressed interest, including marketers of coffees, detergents, confectionary products, and even pet food. 

A global Zip-Pak development, Fragrance-Zip is currently available to customers throughout the European and Asian markets, as the company begins the process of introducing the fragrance closure to North and South American customers.

Advanced Resealable Formats on Display

In addition to emerging technologies, Zip-Pak will be showcasing its latest  selection of proven high-performance resealable solutions at Pack Expo this year:


Sensus is the first in the Zip-Pak family of resealable closures called Sensory Feedback Fasteners. They feature performance characteristics that appeal to a consumer's sense of sound, sight, smell or touch. The Sensus re-closure profile is specifically designed to create a tactile bumping sensation and audible clicking noise when the zipper is opened or resealed. These tactile and audible prompts provide consumers complete assurance that their flexible package has firmly been sealed.

Slider Select™

The ergonomically designed Slider Select™ enables consumers of all ages to repeatedly and reliably open and close a flexible package. Its leak-resistant profile delivers improved processing and manufacturing efficiencies over a wide range of product applications. Slider Select provides a number of advantages, including high inside-burst strength that protects the product; a slider that glides smoothly across the zipper profile; a cost-effective, ultra-compact slider system; and reduced mass of the zipper and the slider.


A self-mating resealable closure, Vector represents a distinct and easy-to-use alternative to traditional zipper profiles. It is an ideal closure for a wide range of product formats thanks to a resealable matrix pattern that is easier to align and has superior air-seal capabilities, when compared to other closures. Vector also delivers a more vivid tactile response, assuring consumers of a tight seal upon opening and closing the flexible package. 

Unique Flexible Packaging Solutions to Be Showcased

Zip-Pak also will be featuring exclusive resealable packaging formats designed to enhance the consumer experience:

Pour Lok™

Pour Lok is a resealable packaging solution that combines easy opening with pour spout functionality.  A press-to-close, foldable zipper is pre-applied to film in the side gusset, creating a partial opening that forms the package's easy-to-use resealable pour spout.


The Zip360 resealable pouch creates a wider opening that allows for convenient product access and enables consumers to easily scoop or pour package contents. The reclosure is designed to close on itself with no end termination for full perimeter resealability. The Zip360 flexible pouch also accepts full-panel graphics for more visual impact at point of purchase. Compared to traditional bag-in-box formats, Zip360 substantially reduces the amount of materials needed to manufacture a package. 


Zipbox is a hybrid packaging format that combines the consumer-preferred attributes of flexible and rigid packaging into a novel combination of materials that is both value adding and user-intuitive.  Co-developed by Zip-Pak and T.H.E.M., a leader in technology transfer and packaging solutions, Zipbox provides an ideal solution to the long-standing consumer need for easily resealing a carton and maintaining product freshness after opening.

Zip-Pak Closures in Production and On Display at the following

Pack Expo Exhibits

Pack Expo attendees can observe the application of Zip-Pak resealable closures at several exhibits, with the following OEM partners planning to run Zip-Pak closures on their equipment during the show:


PACMAC, Inc. Vector™ & UltraSeal™Â Â  2138

THIELE Technologies Inc. Vector™Â  2406

RADPAK/PPI Technologies Group Press-to-Close™ (10mm)  3582

PARSONS-EAGLE Packaging Systems Colorline® (10mm Inno-Lok®)  2001

SN/PPI Technologies Group Press-to-Close™ (20mm)  3582

TNA North America, Inc. Colorline® (10mm Inno-Lok®)  2882

MESPACK/Alliedflex Technologies Press-to-Close™ (10mm)  3814

VELTEKO/Alliedflex Technologies Sensus™Â Â  3814

MAMATA Machinery Press-to-Close™ (10mm)  3874

BODOLAY Packaging Machinery Press-to-Close™Â  1504

Zip-Pak to Share Insights on Flexible Packaging Trends

Robert Hogan, Zip-Pak Director, Global Business Development, will participate as a panelist at Pack Expo's Innovation Stage on Tuesday November 4 at 3:00 pm. Sponsored by the Contract Packaging Association, the presentation will feature packaging executives from various segments of the supply chain. In addition to Mr. Hogan, panelists will include representatives from a multi-national food company, an innovative contract packager, and other packaging material suppliers. Mr. Hogan and his fellow panelists will speak about their experiences related to contract packaging, trends, and opportunities for innovation and growth.

Packaging Inventor Steven Ausnit along with Zip-Pak Global Executives and Specialists Scheduled to be On Hand

Visitors will have the opportunity to speak directly with Zip-Pak executives from around the world to gain a global perspective on flexible packaging trends and technology advancements in both mature and emerging markets. Of particular note is the scheduled appearance of inventor Steven Ausnit at the Zip-Pak exhibit. One of the originators of the Ziploc bag, Mr. Ausnit is an acknowledged industry pioneer who helped spark the resealable packaging movement, which today represents a multi-billion dollar segment of the packaging industry. Mr. Ausnit also is responsible for the development of numerous Zip-Pak closure innovations. Earlier this year, the company convened its first annual Ausnit Innovation Day to honor the inventor's accomplishments, and to celebrate the Zip-Pak culture of innovation.

A group of representatives from the company's global field services team also will be at the show to speak with attendees who are considering the adoption of a resealable feature for a new or existing flexible package. These highly experienced equipment and packaging experts frequently travel to facilities worldwide, assisting with resealable closure consultation, specification, equipment integration, and operator training.  

About Zip-Pak

Zip-Pak, a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc. (ITW), is a global leader in resealable packaging innovations.  The company helps consumer product companies build brand preference through convenient, brand-differentiating packaging that preserves product freshness.  Zip-Pak produces zipper applicators and technologies to serve original equipment manufacturers, converters, and packagers worldwide.  Zip-Pak has headquarters in Manteno, Illinois and operates seven world-class production facilities strategically located around the globe.


Zip-Pak is scheduling media appointments at PACK EXPO Chicago in the South Hall, Booth 3102. To meet with top executives and the product development team for all its resealable innovations and trends in flexible packaging, as well as meet packaging pioneer, Steve Ausnit, contact Ilena Della Ventura at idellaventura@delianet.com or call 908-534-9044.

For more information about Zip-Pak's packaging innovations, please visit www.zippak.com.

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