Emergency-Stop Switch suits space-sensitive applications.

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With EN418 rating and UL-approval, Series 84 features mono-block single piece design, LED illumination, and gold-plated silver contacts. Switch has slightly domed actuator head that provides visible illumination from side view and colored ring that indicates actuated position. Rated for 50,000 operations, unit accepts supply voltages from 5-30 Vdc and can be mounted to front plate with thickness from 1-4 mm or adapted to PCBs of different heights.

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When Size Matters, use EAO's New Series 84 Emergency-Stop

EAO introduces a compact illuminated Emergency-Stop for space-sensitive applications.

EAO, the expert in Human Machine Interfaces, adds a compact, illuminated EN418 rated Emergency-Stop switch to their market-leading Series 84 range.

Built to EAO's renowned high standards, this new switch has been designed for optimal function and usability throughout assembly, mounting and operation. With a small behind-panel depth, "foolproof" mono-block design, and bright LED illumination, the Series 84 represents the finest in Emergency-Stop switches.

The Series 84 Emergency Stop switch is UL approved and conforms to various international EN ratings (EN 418, EN 60947-5-1 and EN 60947-5-5). This switch also meets the IP65 oil and watertight standards. Gold plated silver contacts provide switching capacity in accordance to EN 60947-5-1 (AC15 B300 and DC13 R300). LED illumination allows for durability and long operational life (50,000 operations), and the slightly domed actuator head provides useful visible illumination from a side view. The variable supply of voltage for illumination adds to the overall versatility to this switch. Supply voltage can range from 5-30VDC. Also, a colored ring located on the actuator body of the switch, provides clear indication of the switch's actuated position.

Due to its "Mono-Block", single piece design, the switch requires no additional assembly. It can be mounted to a front plate with a thickness ranging from 1mm to 4mm, or can also be safely and easily adapted to PCBs of different heights.

The Series 84 Emergency-Stop is readily available with complete switches starting at under $20.00 per unit. These emergency stop switches are suited for compact and hand-held control panels featured on a wide range of machinery and process control equipment, including production lines, cranes, robots, moving platforms, as well as security systems and emergency exits. However, its unique flexible design allows it to be included within any type of application requiring its core characteristics: EN418 rated "Fool-Proof" actuator, illumination, and its overall size. The fast, easy mounting and connection to PCBs suits any modern assembly technique.

For more information on our Series 84 Emergency-Stop switches, visit our web site at www.eaoswitch.com or contact EAO at 98 Washington Street, Milford, CT 06460; Telephone: 203-877-4577; Fax: 203-877-3694. Send E-mail inquiries to sales@eaoswitch.com.

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