EMCO Plastics is a Distributor of Bullet Resistant Plastic Sheets

Emco carries a full line of Bullet Resistant Acrylic & Polycarbonate Sheets. Increasing violent crime, powerful weapons, and glazed areas in modern prison designs have created a need for higher performing security glazing materials. Makrolon Hygard Polycarbonate and Polycast MP, HP, and SP Acrylic sheets meet this need. If you are a contractor that deals with convenience stores, gas stations, banks, prisons, schools, courtrooms, etc... these are good products to offer your customers.

These plastics are lightweight, resistant to abrasion, stand up well to UV rays, and are transparent. They offer superior protection against physical and ballistic attack. Bullet resistant materials are offered in various "levels" made to suit your particular needs. A Level 'A' sheet will typically withstand a medium power firearm like a 9mm, where Level 'C' sheet will protect against .44 Magnum. Bullet resistant sheets get their superior strength from a proven method of laminating polycarbonate and acrylic sheets with polyurethane interlayers.

About Emco Plastics

Emco Plastics is one of the largest independent distributor/fabricators in the Northeast United States. We stock over 100 different grades of material from ABS to Zelux W Polycarbonate in sheet, rod, tube and profile shapes. Our inventory is comprised of over 7,600 line items. We are able to cut any of these products to your required size with our computer controlled panel saws that maintain constant square cuts with tight tolerances.

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