EMC/RFI Filters come in single- and 2-phase versions.

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Utilizing snap-in brackets for DIN-rail mounting, FN 2412 filters suit single-phase supply networks and offer max continuous operational voltage of 250 Vac. Model FN 2412H operates on 2 phases in 3-phase power network, handling voltages to 520 Vac. Offered in 8 rated currents from 8-45 A, both filters feature EMI suppression and industrial-grade terminal blocks. Also available, FN 2410 filters utilize traditional chassis mounting design and come in 8 rated currents from 8-100 A.

Original Press Release:

Schaffner EMC Introduces DIN-Rail Mounted Single- and Two-Phase EMC/RFI Filters

Edison, NJ, November 2005 -- Schaffner EMC, a leading provider of EMI/RFI components, EMC instrumentation and test systems, has introduced new EMC/RFI filters that utilize quick, universal snap-in brackets for mounting on DIN-rails, saving users time and money. The FN 2412 filters are ideal for small to medium-sized machines and industrial equipment; high-end single-phase power supplies; single-phase variable speed motor drives; panel building and electrical cabinets.

The new FN 2412 filter is designed for common single-phase supply networks and offers a maximum continuous operational voltage of 250 VAC. The FN 2412H filter is designed for an operation on two phases in a three-phase power network, handling voltages up to 520 VAC. The FN 2412H provides users with an off-the-shelf solution, rather than having to upgrade a traditional single-phase filter to higher voltage capabilities.

The new Schaffner filters offer powerful EMI suppression, reducing conducted emissions and improving conducted immunity. It also improves system reliability, which prevents production downtime due to malfunctions caused by conducted interference. The filters provide exceptional conducted attenuation performance to meet at least Class A limits, even in very noisy applications and under full load conditions. Unlike traditional filters, the FN single-phase models feature filter chokes that do not saturate under full load conditions.

The FN 2412 and FN 2412H filters feature industrial grade terminal blocks, which provide maximum electrical safety and protection from contact with live conductors; reliable and long-lasting electrical connection with low impedance; and acceptance of thick installation wires. The new filters meet the latest international safety regulations and are approved by UL, CSA and ENEC.

The MTBF at +50°C (+122°F) and 250 V is 1,200,000 hours for the single-phase filters and 250,000 hours for the two-phase filters. The temperature range for operation and storage is -25°C to +100°C (-13°F to 212°F). Overload capability is 4x the rated current at switch on and 1.5x the rated current for one minute, once per hour. The filters are available in a choice of eight different rated currents, from 8 A to 45 A.

Also available are FN 2410 filters, which utilize a traditional chassis mounting design, and offer a choice of eight different rated currents, from 8 A to 100 A.

Pricing for an FN2412 starts at $50.00 each. Delivery is four to six weeks ARO.

For more information, please visit schaffner.com/components/en/product/productL23.asp?language_id=12 or contact MaryJane Salvador, Schaffner EMC, Inc., 52 Mayfield Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837. Tel: (732) 225-9533 ext.239; Fax: (732) 225-4789; E-mail: usasales@schaffner.com.
Web: www.schaffnerusa.com.

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