EMC Helps Customers Improve Governance with Newest E-Mail and File System Archiving Solutions

Latest Versions of EMC EmailXtender and EMC DiskXtender for Windows Software Simplify Ability to Meet Audit, Analysis and Electronic Discovery Demands, While Enhancing Backup and Recovery Performance

HOPKINTON, Mass., April 16 - EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced the newest versions of its e-mail and file system archiving software to further simplify management of crucial electronically stored information (ESI) to meet internal and external governance requirements. EMC® EmailXtender® 4.8 software gives customers a new, flexible approach to e-mail archiving, enabling administrators to easily monitor archive operational efficiency. The new EMC DiskXtender® 6.2 for Windows file system archiving software enables customers to easily search single or multiple file systems, making electronic discovery more accurate, fast and affordable.

Archiving is a fundamental element in providing better management of ESI so that organizations can address key areas like mitigating legal risk, driving down operational costs, improving content re-use, and enhancing backup and recovery. EMC's email and file system archiving software play critical roles in delivering results in those areas and help build on the most comprehensive set of archiving solutions in the industry, which also includes an integrated content archiving software platform and purpose-built archival storage.

Andy Cohen, EMC's Vice President of Compliance Solutions and Associate General Counsel, said, "Highly publicized lawsuits, combined with new regulations and stronger internal governance policies, are prompting business and IT managers to find ways to more effectively policy-manage electronic information, classify it, treat it as an asset and dispose of it when it has no further value. There have been a number of publicized cases involving companies that were not sufficiently able to respond to discovery requests in the time period specified. It's easy to recognize that the challenges those companies faced are not unique. EMC's latest software enhancements can help organizations become more proactive in the management of their ESI, not only to address IT operational efficiencies like faster backup and tiered storage, but also to drive down costs and risks through faster and simpler retention management, search and the ability to produce information in a more timely, cost-effective manner."

EMC EmailXtender Software: New User Management Flexibility and Monitoring of E-mail Archives

EmailXtender software's user-directed archiving functionality provides a new approach to archiving e-mail. Now corporate users, who understand their content best, can categorize e-mails as business records and therefore determine which messages should be archived. Users can define certain messages as important to the business, and those messages will be retained in the centralized EmailXtender archive for a set retention period. Not only does this approach offer risk avoidance and the replacement of personal archives on PC desktop systems, but it also reduces the amount of non-business messages in the archive and expedites discovery search, enabling legal hold. Through EmailXtender storage management functionality, companies can continue to improve backup and recovery windows for their message servers.

In addition, EmailXtender software's new archive monitoring capabilities allow administrators to track each message throughout its lifecycle - from the moment the mail router receives it to the moment EmailXtender either archives or excludes it. Administrators can see what rules caused a specific message to be collected or excluded from the archive during the entire process (from source location to capture). Also, administrators can compare messages in the EmailXtender archive with log files and individual mailboxes contained in Microsoft Exchange and/or IBM Lotus Domino environments, providing proof that messages have been properly archived. These tools help organizations ensure a more complete and authentic archive, better automate record keeping mandated by corporate governance and/or external regulations, and measure the effectiveness of archive policies and rules. EmailXtender software is the number one e-mail archiving application working with EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS).

The newest version of EmailXtender software also provides full support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. This new support coupled with the most comprehensive e-mail archiving support for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, provides customers with support for the world's two largest e-mail messaging environments.

Barlows - a UK-based interior solution specialist focusing on the refurbishment and expansion of stores for the retail and leisure industries - relies heavily on EMC EmailXtender software to remain compliant with internal and external governance requirements while improving disk utilization and the overall management of corporate e-mail.

Wessam Baroudi, Barlows IT Manager, said, "As a company whose sole goal is the process of getting other businesses open more quickly, we must have strong e-mail capabilities and policies both from an IT and an operational perspective. By law, we have to retain certain client contractual information for a number of years. EMC EmailXtender enables us to efficiently and accurately archive all e-mails to ensure we have an easy-to-use, -manage and -search repository with an audit trail. In addition, the software enables us to maximize the disk space in our Microsoft Exchange environment by quickly and efficiently archiving and offloading old e-mails to secondary storage. The space we now require for our primary storage is infinitesimal compared with what it was prior to deploying EmailXtender software. The EMC software has very easily paid for itself and continues to deliver tremendous compliance and operational benefits to our business."

EMC DiskXtender: New File Index and Search, Support of Microsoft VSS, Stronger Centera Integration

The new version of DiskXtender for Windows software expands policy-based file system archiving, which migrates inactive data off production storage to archive disk, tape or optical devices. With a new search module, DiskXtender for Windows software delivers comprehensive file index and search across DiskXtender-managed drives on servers, direct attached storage and storage area networks, allowing managers to easily locate both active and archived files for audit, analysis and legal discovery. Users can configure the search module to search a single index or a collection of indexes to support accurate, fast and affordable information discovery.

DiskXtender for Windows software supports many industry-leading backup applications such as EMC's NetWorker® software, in which the removal of inactive files from the backup set helps companies meet backup windows and recovery time objectives. The qualification of Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) with DiskXtender for Windows software enables the creation of snapshots of a DiskXtender managed drive using VSS. Using this capability, any extended attribute-aware backup application, such as NetWorker, may then be used to backup from a snapshot without restoring files previously archived through DiskXtender. Continuing to strengthen the backup, recovery and archive process, EMC NetWorker® PowerSnap(TM) software works with DiskXtender for Windows software, supporting all existing backup and recovery workflows for DiskXtender-managed file systems.

EMC has added new support for those customers using DiskXtender for Windows software with EMC Centera systems. New support for Centera Application Registration simplifies support and maintenance activities by providing the ongoing status of both DiskXtender for Windows software and its Centera CAS system. Also, DiskXtender for Windows software is further integrated with Centera retention classes, which, when allowed, enables changes to retention periods for particular sets of archived data as well as modifications to retention policies.

DiskXtender software has also added stronger integration with a number of EMC software solutions. Integration with EMC VisualSRM(TM) software enables users to discover multiple file systems, perform file migration and set file retention policies to better manage information and capacity utilization within a tiered storage environment.


EMC EmailXtender 4.8 software will be available on May 21, 2007 from EMC and its authorized resellers. EMC DiskXtender 6.2 for Windows software is available immediately from EMC and its authorized resellers.

EMC EmailXtender Webcast

For a more in-depth look at the new features of EmailXtender, EMC and Demartek will host a live Webcast on Wednesday, April 25, 2007. To register for the Webcast, visit http://software.emc.com/.

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