Embedded Software enables 2-way video capabilities.

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VoiceEngine Multimedia incorporates GIPS LSVX video codec, allowing real-time, 2-way video and voice communication. Solution combines GIPS VoiceEngine with video conferencing support, and GIPS multimedia package provides complete framework for both video and voice soft phones. It also offers techniques to handle jitter, packet loss, and CPU/bandwidth constraints on multiple platforms.

Original Press Release:

Global IP Solutions Announces Availability of GIPS LSVX Video Codec Offering Two-Way Video Capabilities

GIPS LSVX Video Codec Ready For Customer Evaluations

SAN FRANCISCO, March 22 -- Global IP Solutions (GIPS), the leading provider of embedded media processing solutions, announced today that GIPS LSVX video codec is now available for evaluation by customers. GIPS LSVX offer unsurpassed video quality for real-time two-way, high-quality video. GIPS LSVX will be demonstrated at Spring VON in San Jose, March 20-22.

"GIPS LSVX has been incorporated into our existing multimedia engines allowing real-time video and voice communication", said Gary Hermansen, President and CEO, Global IP Solutions. "GIPS is offering the best real-time video capabilities available in today's market. GIPS' success with voice is now being achieved with real-time video communication and we have sent out our first shipments for evaluation."

GIPS LSVX is incorporated into VoiceEngine Multimedia, which combines the power and proven performance of GIPS VoiceEngine with high-quality video conferencing support. The GIPS multimedia package revolutionizes the way audio and video soft phones are implemented, by providing complete framework for both video and voice soft phones and advanced techniques to handle jitter, packet loss, CPU and bandwidth constraints on multiple platforms. To learn more about GIPS LSVX please visit http://gipscorp.com/lsvx

About Global IP Solutions

Global IP Solutions offers multimedia technologies for real-time communications over packet networks and enable companies to deliver IP applications that offer the highest quality user experience, as well as revenue-enhancing opportunities across a multitude of devices and services. Global IP Solutions provides best-in-class voice and video quality and fidelity in end-to-end IP communications with robustness against packet loss. Global IP Solutions' world-renowned media processing and IP telephony experts deliver these solutions to service providers, enterprises, applications developers, network equipment, gateway and chip manufacturers. Companies using Global IP Solutions products include Nortel, Skype, WebEx, Yahoo!, AOL, EarthLink, BlueCross/BlueShield and other key players in the VoIP market. Global IP Solutions is a member of the Intel(R) PCA Developer Network, the Motorola Design Alliance, Symbian Platinum Partners and Texas Instruments' third party developer network. Global IP Solutions has headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Santa Barbara, Stockholm, Hong Kong and Boston. More information is available at http://www.gipscorp.com/

CONTACT: John Gallagher, Global IP Solutions, +1-415-746-1155, [email protected]

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