Embedded Radios target government and military OEMs.

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Operating from 8-30 Vdc, Model MM2-M13 operates in 1.3 GHz band, while Model MM2-MU operates in UHF band at 340-400 MHz. Units provide 1 W and 2 W transmitter power, respectively, extending range of radio to more than 60 miles. They feature receive sensitivity of -107 dBm and 230.4 Kbps max throughput for transferring critical data. Measuring 50.8 x 50.8 mm, radios are suited for weight critical applications such as sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles, and unmanned ground vehicles.

Original Press Release:

Freewave Technologies Announces Availability of Military And Government Radios in 1.3 GHZ Frequency and UHF Bands

New frequencies offer high-performance, low power and small footprint embedded solutions for sensors, UAVs, UGVs and other military, government applications

BOULDER, Colo., Nov. 16, 2009 -- FreeWave Technologies, (http://www.freewave.com), manufacturer of the most reliable, high-performance spread spectrum and licensed radios for critical data transmission, today announced the availability of the latest additions to its MM2 family of high-performance, tiny form factors: the MM2-M13 and the MM2-MU.

The MM2-M13 product line operates in the 1.3 GHz band and the MM2-MU operates in the UHF band at 340 to 400 MHz. The new radios complement FreeWave's earlier MM2 family of products that operate in the 900 MHz band with both serial and Ethernet interfaces. The two newest additions to the MM2 family offer government and military OEMs the ability to tap the MM2's tiny footprint and high-performance for space and weight critical applications, such as sensors, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs).

"The availability of these newest MM2 radios offers our customers even greater operating range, frequencies and interfaces than ever before," said Tim Stevens, product manager of embedded systems for FreeWave Technologies. "Customers expressed a need for a radio that offered all the performance and reliability as our larger form factor radios while also being compatible with their existing deployed systems. The MM2-M13 and MM2-MU uniquely address these needs today."

The new radios provide the same features and functionality as FreeWave's full-size military/government band radios. The MM2-M13 family of radios is backwards compatible with FreeWave's P Series family of radios and the MM2-MU family is backwards compatible with the company's F series wideband family of radios. This allows customers to replace their existing radios with a much smaller footprint in unmanned vehicles together with a standard size or enclosed radio at the base station or use the same base station with new UAVs. "Backwards compatibility is a key FreeWave hallmark. These FreeWave radios shipped today are compatible within their family of radios that we shipped in the beginning and with every generation since," Stevens explained. "Our customers can use the new radios in aircraft or vehicles without modifying their ground control equipment that currently uses the full size FreeWave radios." Both radios also can fit into small handheld controllers, he added.

With their light weight and small size, the new radios are the ideal communications platform for the control and monitoring of UAVs and UGVs as well as other unmanned vehicles used throughout the world. Other applications include: guided parachutes, sensor networks and many others. Light weight and small size are key factors in allowing UAVs to fly longer missions. Longer missions equate to more intelligence from the UAV - saving lives on the ground.

Features include:

o A full 2 watt (1W for the MM2-M13) transmitter power extends the range of the radio to more than 60 miles.

o Increased operating voltage to 8-30 VDC to provide broader compatibility with various unmanned systems. 5 VDC versions also are available.

o The ability to operate as a slave/repeater further extending network range and coverage.

o Receive sensitivity of - 107 dBm for BER 10-4 extending its range for longer missions and better intelligence.

o RS232/485 or TTL interface is available for easy adaptation to existing and new unmanned systems. Ethernet versions of these radios also are available providing Ethernet connectivity and two RS232 ports.

o 230.4 kbps max throughput for transferring critical data back to ground troops fast.

o 50.8mm (length) X 50.8mm (width) and 21 g (weight).


FreeWave's new MM2-M13 and MM2-MU radios are available for immediate shipment. For more information, click on: http://freewave.com/products/military-radios.html

About FreeWave Technologies

Founded in 1993, FreeWave Technologies is a world leader in the innovative design and manufacture of license-free spread spectrum and licensed band radios and wireless data solutions that are trusted for mission critical applications around the world. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the company offers network design, path studies and pre-installation engineering services to enable reliable, error free data-flow in even the most challenging conditions and in environments. FreeWave is the only long term radio provider with in-family 100 percent backward compatibility with fully integrated, best-in-class engineered products. For additional information, contact FreeWave directly at 866.399.4930 or at newsinfo@freewave.com. Visit the company's website at www.freewave.com.

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