Embedded Panel PC offers extended operating range.

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With Intelligent Thermal And Power Supervisor, Denali 7000 Industrial Panel PC can operate over range of -20 to +60°C. System features 7 in. TFT screen, x86-based processor, and WinCE operating system. By monitoring and managing PC's system voltage and temperature, ITAPS prevents data corruption and protects system from being damaged by low and high temperature conditions, under- and over-voltage problems, and brown-out and surge events.

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Ocular Extends Operating Range of Embedded Panel PCs

Ocular extends operating range of its industrial panel PCs to -20 C to +60 C

New temperature/voltage supervisor enables industry's widest operating range for panel PCs

Dallas, TX (March 30, 2009) - The new Intelligent Thermal And Power Supervisor (ITAPS) from Ocular, Inc., a longtime leader in advanced display-centric solutions for the embedded computing and communications marketplaces, allows the company's industrial panel PCs to be deployed over the extended temperature range of -20°C to +60°C. ITAPS monitors and manages power and temperature to prevent data corruption, ensuring reliable system operation in extremely harsh conditions.

Until now, most panel PCs were limited to the 0°C to +50°C temperature range. As a result, many embedded systems operating in harsh conditions could not take advantage of a panel PC or a human-machine interface (HMI) with their ease-of-use features, such as a touch screen like Ocular's durable, all-glass Crystal Touch(TM) display. ITAPS is available on Ocular's Denali 7000 Industrial Panel PC platform, which features a 7-in. TFT screen, an x86-based processor and the WinCE operating system. ITAPS will be available on the Denali 1040 Industrial Panel PC with its 10.4-in. TFT display during the second half of 2009. In addition, it can be implemented on any of Ocular's standard embedded processor display platforms as well as customized panel PCs or HMIs.

By monitoring and managing the panel PC's system voltage and temperature, ITAPS protects the system from being damaged by low and high temperature conditions, under- and over-voltage problems, and brown-out and surge events. For example, when the ambient temperature is low, ITAPS heats the system before it attempts to boot start, ensuring the panel PC is at a safe operating temperature before it starts.

In high temperature conditions, ITAPS prevents the system from starting to avoid circuit and component damage. If the system is running and the temperature exceeds a safe operating range, ITAPS intervenes directly with the operating system to execute an orderly shutdown. In addition, ITAPS constantly monitors the state of any battery connected to the system and charges the battery when necessary. In the event of a brown-out or power failure, the system can be switched immediately and seamlessly to battery power.

"Many of our customers want to replace the existing industrial user interface on their systems with a high-end graphical interface, but most panel PC platforms don't operate outside the temperature range of 0°C to 50°C. With ITAPS our customers can move up to an easy-to-use graphical platform without limiting the entire system's environmental operating range," said Phil Spivey, CEO and president of Ocular. "We're integrating this technology into several of our standard panel PC platforms and we can incorporate it into custom panel PC or HMI solutions, depending on the needs of the customer."

About Ocular

With its headquarters and design center in Richardson, Texas, and four company-owned manufacturing facilities in China, Ocular has been developing, designing, and manufacturing advanced LCD technology and display system solutions for more than two decades. Ocular's new line of industrial panel PCs and panel PC platforms combines its core competencies of advanced LCD and touch screen technologies with robust embedded computing platforms to deliver highly cost-effective and user-configurable solutions for a wide variety of applications.

For more information about Ocular and its products and services, visit the company's web site at www.OcularDisplaySystems.com, send an email to contact@OcularDisplaySystems.com, call (972) 437 3888 or fax (972) 437-2562.

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