Embedded GUI Controller

Haidar's Sege embedded GUI Controller product family provides a complete Graphical User interface solution for embedded systems. it just needs to be attached to a simple display interface board and the human interface is ready for production.

In most desktop programming languages, a control like a Button is an object and has, for example, a caption property and a click event to which you can attach a method. It acts as a black-box, as you the programmer do not have to worry how the button responds to the click input or how it looks – that has been sorted out for you.

At Haidar Technology, we believe that embedded engineers should have the same capability that desktop developers have when it comes to embedded GUI. Our solution is a combination of Serial- Enabled GUI Engine (Sege) and a true WYS|WYG drag-and-drop Visual GUI builder "uiLAB" that allows the embedded engineer to design the GUI by dragging the objects onto a simulated screen and then altering their properties. When the designer is happy with the layout, the tool will automatically generate code (Hex file) for the target hardware.

If the layout or some bitmaps need to be redesigned just disconnects the target hardware from the controlling processor (host) and moves it to a serial port of a PC. Program the new code and you have the new user interface in place! Pure visual changes do not require modifications to the host controller code!

Since "SEGE" interacts with the host controller through a serial protocol, integration with a specific processor or platform, RTOS, or compiler is not required. Also, the requirements for the host controller (memory and speed) are significantly less!

"Sege" contains a set of powerful pre-coded objects. Each object has a set of properties, methods and events that define the behavior of the object and how will be manipulated by the host controller. The designer only needs to know how to input data to the object to get certain results out but does not need to know what goes inside the object. The host controller interacts with the GUI via a set of serial commands called "GUI Commands".

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