Embedded Computer accepts power input from 9-40 Vdc.

Press Release Summary:

Powered by 180 MHz ATMEL AT91RM9200 ARM9 RISC CPU, onboard 64 Mb SDRAM, and 16 Mb flash memory with Linux 2.6 OS pre-installed, Matrix-514 industrial embedded computer provides 4 independent 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, 4 RS-232/422/485 serial ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and 21 programmable digital I/Os. Auto polarity and surge protection functions protect unit from faulty power connection. Unit is housed in 160 x 104 x 38.5 mm metal box that can be wall-mounted.

Original Press Release:

Artila's New Matrix-514 Linux Ready Industrial Embedded Computer

Mini, Yet Mighty, Communication Computer for Automation

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- 25 February 2008 -- Artila Electronics Co., Ltd., an emerging force in the embedded computer solutions field, announced their Matrix-514 Linux-ready industrial embedded computer.

Powered by a 180MHz ATMEL AT91RM9200 ARM9 RISC CPU, onboard 64MB SDRAM, and 16MB Flash memory with Linux 2.6 OS pre-installed, the Matrix-514 provides four independent 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports, four RS-232/422/485 serial ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and 21 programmable digital I/Os. An SD socket is also available for up to 2 GB flash memory storage expansion.

The Matrix-514 accepts a wide range of power input from 9VDC to 40VDC. Auto polarity and surge protection functions are included to protect it from a faulty power connection. Multiple Ethernet ports make the Matrix-514 an ideal computer platform for industrial communication gateways, industrial VPNs, and firewalls, featuring fault tolerance control. The serial ports support PPP protocol and can cooperate with a GPRS/GSM/3G modem for Machine to Machine (M2M) application and backup WAN. In addition, the hardware controlled RS-485 interface enables flawless communication between the Matrix-514 and industrial serial devices. Its USB port provides further expansion functions such as Bluetooth communication, video capture, and Wireless LAN. The onboard 21 programmable digital I/O port features CMOS/TTL digital I/O signals and can be used for external device signal monitoring and as an On/Off control.

The Matrix-514 is shipped with the GNU tool chain, which includes a C/C++ cross compiler and Glibc. With this tool chain, users can develop their application software using an x86-based computer, then download and run their application software on the Matrix-514.

Housed in a 160 x 104 x 38.5mm metal box which can be easily wall-mounted, a DIN rail mounting kit is also available for ordering.

Powerful communication functions, plus reliable hardware and software architecture make the Matrix-514 ready for numerous industrial and building automation applications. For more information please visit www.artila.com

About Artila

Artila Electronics Co., Ltd. is an emerging force in the industrial computer field, dedicated to minimizing mass while maximizing utility. Unlike other industrial computer providers in the market who mainly use x86 plus Windows solutions, Artila focuses on ARM-core RISC CPUs with embedded Linux solutions, matched with Artila's 10 plus years of experience in RS-232/422/485 industrial communication and TCP/IP networking. Artila's product range consists of Serial-to-Ethernet embedded modules, ARM9/Linux box computers, and ARM9/Linux SOMs (system-on-modules).

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