Email Security Appliance scans more than 2.5 mil messages/hr.

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With full spam and virus filtering as well as with monitoring, reporting, and management capabilities, IronPort X1050(TM) email security appliance allows enterprise and ISP customers to deal with constantly growing spam volumes without constant need to add more systems to their infrastructure. It also enables users to apply more CPU processing to each message, enabling advanced spam filtering algorithms.

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IronPort Systems Introduces the IronPort X1050 - World's Fastest Email Security Appliance

IronPort Email Appliances that Stay in Front of Crushing Spam Volumes

SAN BRUNO, Calif.- June 5, 2007 - IronPort® Systems Inc., the leading provider of enterprise spam, virus and spyware protection, today announced the introduction of the IronPort X1050(TM) email security appliance. The IronPort X1050 offers a significant increase in performance, scanning more than 2.5 million messages per hour. This is 400 percent more processing power than IronPort's previous generation of carrier-class appliances, the IronPort X1000(TM), and as much as 10 times the performance of competing systems. The performance increase, enabled by IronPort's latest generation of highly parallelized email security appliances, allows enterprise and ISP customers to easily deal with constantly growing spam volumes without the constant need to add more systems to their infrastructure.

Spam Volumes Surge
Spam is a big business for the organizations that distribute it. Driven by a powerful profit motive, spammers have employed professional engineers to develop new technologies and tactics to help get their messages through traditional spam defenses. In the second half of 2006, spammers unveiled a technical breakthrough - the use of images instead of text to bypass traditional content based filters. Bolstered by the success of delivering ads for illegal pharmaceutical websites and bogus stock-market research reports, spammers increased their volumes in the last part of 2006, sending over three times more email than in 2005. This surge in volume led to delays in processing legitimate email of up to 12 hours or more as traditional email filtering systems were choked by this latest wave of image-based spam. Spam levels have continued to increase through the first five months of 2007, showing no sign of abatement.

Impacting the End-User
The spam problem in the past 12 months became so severe that for users not protected by high performance systems like IronPort's, spam began to measurably impact the end-user's email "inbox". Users were finding more spam getting through and also more delays in sending or receiving email. Since email has become the number one form of business communications worldwide, the effects of this new spam surge on the business community are very far reaching, with lost productivity drifting into the billions of dollars. The impact on the IT community was much more immediate, with administrators frantically rolling out more servers, bandwidth and network capacity to deal with the growing spam problem.

As the volume of spam continues to grow exponentially, the need for highly accurate spam filtering becomes even more critical. IT departments that selected a "less expensive but good enough" spam filter a few years ago are finding that their end-users can no longer tolerate the performance of these filters. As volumes double annually, the difference in accuracy between an average spam filter and a world-class spam filter (such as IronPort's) translates into a measurable number of missed spam messages that plug up the end-user's inbox every day.

"The new IronPort hardware is a major improvement over previous generations as it allows us to minimize the number of the IronPort appliances that we need while providing plenty of extra capacity to handle spam attacks," commented Bob Fayne, of Insight Communications.

Staying Ahead of Spam
The IronPort X1050 is the latest in a series of very high-performance email security appliances. With full spam and virus filtering enabled, the IronPort X1050 can process more than 2.5 million messages per hour. This massive throughput allows IronPort appliances to not only deal with the growing volume of spam, but to apply more CPU processing to each message and therefore enable more advanced spam filtering algorithms. Coupled with monitoring, reporting and management capabilities, the IronPort X1050 is clearly the right choice for the most demanding networks in the world.

"We are very impressed with the IronPort X1050," said Mats Fredholm of Telenor/Glocalnet, the third-largest residential telecommunications and ISP in Sweden. "We tested all the major products on the market, nothing
came close to the IronPort's combination of performance and spam filter accuracy. Today, IronPort's X1050's stops about 95% of all unwanted email, resulting in the ultimate spam-free user experience."

IronPort's high-performance appliances are hard at work, protecting thousands of customers worldwide - including eight of the ten largest ISPs and more than 20 percent of the world's largest enterprises.

Available Now
The IronPort X1050 is shipping in production now. Visit for more details.

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