Email Reputation Service is based on machine-learning.

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Combining local, predictive behavioral data and globally-observed reputation, Dynamic Reputation(TM) blocks incoming connections from malicious IP addresses. It protects against spam, directory harvest attacks, denial of service attacks, and email-borne threats. Processing measured data from local MLX analysis at customer sites and observed data from external sources, netMLX(TM) machine learning fabric consolidates global data on malicious and valid IP addresses.

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Proofpoint Introduces Industry's First Dynamic, Machine-Learning Based Email Reputation Service

Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation and netMLX Machine Learning Fabric Deliver Highest-accuracy, Highest-performance Reputation Analysis and Connection Management Capabilities

CUPERTINO, Calif., April 30 -- Proofpoint, Inc., the leader in large-enterprise messaging security solutions, today introduced the industry's first dynamic, machine-learning based email reputation solution, Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation(TM). Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation is the only email reputation service that uses a combination of local, predictive behavioral data and globally-observed reputation -- analyzed by powerful machine learning algorithms -- to block incoming connections from malicious IP addresses. The system provides Proofpoint customers with an accurate, first line of defense against spam, directory harvest attacks, denial of service attacks and other email-borne threats while delivering substantial bandwidth savings.

"Unlike reactive, static reputation services that are forced to make critical trade-offs between connection shed rates, detection accuracy and response time, Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation delivers the highest performance in all three areas at once," said Sandra Vaughan, senior vice president of products and marketing for Proofpoint. "Our solution can block more than 80% of inbound connections with a false positive rate of less than one in one million. Global reputation profiles are updated every minute, ensuring the fastest response to new botnets and malicious IP addresses the moment that they emerge."

Machine Learning Creates Most Accurate, Up-to-date Source of Global IP Reputation

New functionality in Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation builds on Proofpoint's innovative connection management features, first introduced in version 3.0 of the Proofpoint messaging security platform. All Proofpoint appliances and software deployments provide built-in, predictive, behavioral analysis of local IP traffic that responds in real-time to eliminate email traffic spikes and block or throttle malicious connections from botnets.

Now, customers with high email volumes can add enhanced protection to their Proofpoint deployments to further reduce connection volumes at the network edge. This protection is provided by Proofpoint netMLX(TM) reputation analysis technology, a global machine learning fabric built over and extending the machine learning technology that powers each Proofpoint customer deployment.

Proofpoint netMLX creates the industry's most accurate and up-to-date database of reputation for IP addresses sending email across the Internet, allowing each customer site to benefit from the network effect provided by Proofpoint's real-time, machine learning analysis of global sender behavior. Proofpoint netMLX consolidates global data on malicious and valid IP addresses-processing both measured data from local MLX analysis at customer sites and observed data from external sources -- and produces a score that represents the sender's reputation, whether positive or negative.

Each minute, hundreds of data points for all IP addresses are parsed with advanced machine learning algorithms to generate extremely timely, accurate network reputation scores. Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation then uses these scores, combined with local behavioral data, to make intelligent decisions about accepting, throttling or rejecting incoming email connections.

Advanced Reputation Service Provides Optimal Balance of Performance, Accuracy and Response Time

Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation provides customers with a reputation service that uniquely balances the three critical attributes of a reputation service:

o Rapid response times: The one minute refresh rate provided by
Proofpoint netMLX global machine learning analysis, combined with local
behavioral analysis, ensures near real-time response. Proofpoint
Dynamic Reputation reacts to new spam sources, such as botnets, up to
an order of magnitude faster than competing, static reputation

o Highest anti-spam and connection management accuracy: Proofpoint
netMLX processing of hundreds of reputation-related attributes at the
global level ensures that Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation always has
access to the most comprehensive, accurate assessment of IP address

o Performance and efficiency gains: Connection-level block rates of more
than 80% help customers radically reduce email volume and handle ever-
increasing spam volumes without having to deploy additional hardware.

"Like many organizations, the City of Topeka, Kansas has seen inbound email volumes more than double in the past 12 months," said Bill Stephens, manager of electronic communications for the City of Topeka. "As this growth continues, Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation will ensure that we can keep pace with even massive spikes in email volume without having to deploy new hardware infrastructure."

Learn More about Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation

To learn more about Proofpoint's unique approach to email reputation analysis, register to download our whitepaper, Next-generation Reputation Technology: Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation and netMLX, by visiting:

Pricing and Availability for Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation and netMLX Access to netMLX data, which provides enhanced protection, is available now for organizations using Proofpoint or other email security devices. Pricing starts at $3750 per year.

Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation, which provides local, dynamic analysis of all incoming connections and can leverage the value-added netMLX data, is bundled at no additional charge with every Proofpoint Protection Server® software, Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway(TM) appliance or Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway-Virtual Edition virtual appliance deployment.

About Proofpoint, Inc.

Proofpoint provides messaging security solutions for large enterprises to stop spam, protect against email viruses, ensure that outbound messages comply with both corporate policies and external regulations and prevent leaks of confidential information via email and other network protocols. The company's flagship products, the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway(TM) and Proofpoint Protection Server® provide future-proof messaging security using Proofpoint MLX(TM) technology, an advanced machine learning system developed by Proofpoint scientists and engineers. Proofpoint was founded by technology visionary and former CTO of Netscape Communications, Eric Hahn. The Cupertino, California-based company is funded by investors including Benchmark Capital, Bridgescale Partners, Inventures Group, JAFCO Ventures, Meritech Capital, Mohr, Davidow Ventures, and RRE Ventures. For more information, please visit

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