Elsner Designs and Builds New Rewinder for Medical Products

Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. has recently shipped a versatile converting line that produces coreless rolls of nonwoven used in the medical industry.

The Elsner Model CUPR-50, "Cooper-50", was designed for a specific product (cotton undercast padding rolls), but has become a versatile machine for use with many nonwoven substrates. As with Elsner's more standard offerings, the line is built with operational efficiency in mind and maintains the high levels of quality and durability expected from the 80-year-old machine builder.

The fully automated Elsner line incorporates an off-the-floor lift unwind, edge guide, trim removal, automatic tension control and a host of other features found across the Elsner lineup. It is the first machine from Elsner to utilize a solid winding rod that is recycled and handled in a fully automatic manner. A unique discharge conveyor stacks the finished product in a 'six-pack' format for easy integration with downstream packaging. With capability of up to 168 finished product rolls per minute, the machine easily meets the demands of the market. With simple HMI selection, the machine adjusts for slit widths of 2", 3", 4" and 6". Dave Wolfe, Elsner's lead engineer on the project, states, "We try to take away the pain points our customers have on existing equipment, with our ability to change product widths at the touch of a button, we did just that. When an operator switches from a vintage machine to this new design, we know their workday is going to get a whole lot better."

Bert Elsner, II, President/CEO, states; "We are excited to extend our coverage of the medical disposables market yet again. We've built numerous machines over the years focusing on medical product capability, such as surgical drapes, exam table covers, cohesive bandages and various wipe formats. We have the capability to be a full service partner for companies in this marketplace."

Founded in 1934, Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. designs and manufactures converting and packaging machinery. They just celebrated their 80th anniversary as a family owned and operated business in 2014. Elsner's line of over 50 different machines are used to convert and package such products as disposable disinfectant baby nonwoven wipes, medical disposables, gift wrap paper, aluminum foil and wallpaper. Elsner currently services and supports over 2500 machines worldwide with equipment in nearly 60 countries.

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