EliteNAS 12G Storage Rackmount Series feature dual port 10GBASE-T interface.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for networking and data storage processes, EliteNAS 12G Storage Rackmount Series come with 1U/4, 2U/8, 2U/12, 3U/16, 4U/24, 4U/36, 8U/48, and 8U/72 bays. Supporting 12G SAS, 6G SATA HDDs, unit is equipped with hardware duo-core RAID controller and 80+ Platinum PSU. Featuring active cluster mirroring and network attached storage option, product allows user to connect SAS expander JBODs.

Original Press Release:

The Elitenas 12G Series With On-Board Dual 10GBE is SANS Digital's Newest Unified/Hybrid Storage Rackmount Series

The EliteNAS 12G series with on-board Dual 10GbE is SANS Digital's newest unified/hybrid storage rackmount series now with Single Namespace Management. Full support for Windows, MAC, and Linux sharing, dedupe, SSD caching, hardware encryption, iSCSI with a built-in dual port 10GBASE-T interface. The EliteNAS 12G series is a feature rich unified storage system capable of meeting the most demanding networking and data storage processes.


  • 1U/4 bay, 2U/8 bay, 2U/12 bay, 3U/16 bay, 4U/24 bay, 4U/36 bay, 8U/48 bay, and 8U/72 bay
  • Dual 10GbE 10GBASE-T
  • NAS + iSCSI connectivity
  • Expandable up to 960TB
  • Supports 12G SAS, 6G SATA HDDs as well as SSD
  • Integrated hardware duo-core RAID controller
  • iSCSI Support for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Multi-Feature Network Attached Storage
  • Single Namespace Management

Single Namespace w/ Scale-out Capacity

The new Single Namespace feature allows instant storage capacity increase by combining multiple EliteNAS enclosures. This new single pane of glass approach allows storage administrators to manage virtually an unlimited number for EliteNAS storage nodes using a single IP address to connect.

Active Cluster Mirroring (ACM)

In the event of a head node server failure, the secondary server automatically takes over to service the failed head node server. The ACM feature ensures continuous service with no down time.

SAS JBOD expansion

Connect additional SAS expander JBODs (EliteSTOR 12G Series) to each EliteNAS units, or up to 120 total drives or 960TB.

Energy Efficient

Built-in highly energy efficient 80+ Platinum PSU with the ability to automatically spin-down the hard drives.


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City of Industry, CA 91789




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