Eliminate Costly Metal Rating Plates and Increase Flexibility

Computer Imprintable Label Systems (CILS) is in a unique position to assist manufacturers in slashing inventory levels and increasing manufacturing flexibility with their computer imprintable rating plates.

CILS durable imprintable labels offer a wide choice of adhesives for any application, from low-energy plastics to oily and greasy metal components.

Computer imprintable using laser or thermal transfer printers
Durable print resistant to solvents, heat and chemicals
CILS unique "Print-Guarding" - the ultimate in durability
Abrasion, long-term external weathering and UV exposure
Pre-printed in any size or shape with common data - reducing stock levels through value engineering
Variable data can be added at the point of manufacture allowing complete flexibility in production volumes and process times
CILS can also provide a label print package consisting of printer, software, ribbon and durable labels matched to the environment and production batch sizing.

Contact CILS to discover how simple it is to replace metal plates with durable polyester and make savings.

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