Electronics Cooling Fan generates 21 cfm air flow @15K rpm.

Press Release Summary:

Measuring 40 x 40 x 15 mm, AG4015 series features impeller capable of producing 21 cfm air flow when rotating at speeds to 15,000 rpm. Fan provides static pressure of 0.92 in. of water while maintaining minimal noise level for storage, networking, STB, and power applications. Available operating voltages are 5, 12, and 24 DC, and fan can be coupled with features such as frequency generator, rotation detection, and PWM speed control.

Original Press Release:

Jaro's EXTREME RPM Fan Surpasses CFM Barrier

Rotating at an ultra-fast 15,000 RPM, while producing an unprecedented 21 cubic feet per minute (CFM), JARO's new 40x15mm AG4015 series leads the industry in fan conception & performance. Thanks to a unique impeller design, this powerhouse produces a previously unachievable performance for a fan of this size! This tightly designed (40 x 40 x 15 mm) fan provides an exceptional static pressure (of 0.92 inches of water), while maintaining lower noise levels. The new AG4015 fan is great in all types of applications, including storage, networking, set-top box, game console, and power applications.

When coupled with features like a frequency generator (tachometer), rotation detection (alarm), and PWM speed control (power efficiency), the new "Extreme" fan is propelled to the top of its cooling class. Available operating voltages are 5,12, & 24 DC. Lead time for this new product is currently 4-6 weeks ARO. The data sheets for these new products can be downloaded here.

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