Electronics Assembly System independently scales performance, capacity.

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To realize its Capacity-on-Demand concept, SIPLACE SX placement platform employs SIPLACE MultiStar CPP head, flexible setup, and line concepts that enable production to adapt to order situation for electronics manufacturers. Self-calibrating and modular solution allows users to scale performance and capacity separately. By adding SIPLACE SX+ basic modules, which occupy 5 ft of line length, users can add up to 120 feeder positions.

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SIPLACE at the Nepcon Penang 2010: SIPLACE SX Demonstrates Real Capacity-on-Demand

SIPLACE at the Nepcon Penang 2010: SIPLACE SX demonstrates real Capacity-on-Demand
Partnering with its agent, SIP Technology (Booth No. E06), SIPLACE will launch its latest innovation - SIPLACE SX for the SEA market. SIPLACE SX with its comprehensive Capacity-on-Demand concept is the world's first placement platform that lets the user scale performance and capacity separately. The rail-mounted SX gantries, the unique SIPLACE MultiStar CPP head, flexible setup and line concepts enable electronics manufacturers for the first time to let their production "breathe" in line with their order situation. This opens up totally new short-term and long-term business models for electronics producers.

The newest SIPLACE machine generation offers the industry's first consistent Capacity-on-Demand concept, which is reflected not only in the SX-Series' gantry modularity, but in its implementation of completely new business models in electronics manufacturing. At Nepcon Penang, visitors can witness live demonstration of the new SIPLACE SX with its full gantry modularity.

Separate performance and setup capacity options
To add, remove or transfer feeder performance between SX lines, the self-calibrating, rail-mounted SX gantries can be installed and uninstalled by a single person in less than 30 minutes. By adding SIPLACE SX+ basic modules, which take up only 1.5 meters (5 feet) of line length, users can add up to 120 feeder positions

SIPLACE MultiStar CPP head and flexible setup concepts
The new SIPLACE MultiStar CPP is the perfect placement head for this Capacity-on-Demand concept. With its different placement modes, the 12-nozzle MultiStar covers 98 percent of the popular relevant spectrum and can operate as a high-speed as well as an end-of-line head. When SX gantries are added, the software identifies placement bottlenecks, which are then eliminated by the SIPLACE MultiStar CPP head for optimized line balancing. The scalable SIPLACE SX makes the constant line modifications and reconfigurations, which are so troublesome with classic placement machines, a thing of the past.

Modern setup concepts enhance the flexibility of SX lines even further. Thanks to the options and capabilities of the various SIPLACE setup concepts, conveyor capabilities and software options, manufacturing each board with the utmost efficiency is no longer a problem - even in high-mix environments with frequent product changeovers and small lot sizes.

"With the increasing investment in the SIPLACE machines globally, we are glad that finally we are able to bring to the SEA market the especially popular SIPLACE SX, which enables completely new manufacturing concepts in terms of placement performance and feeder capacity. With its flexible concept, SIPLACE SX certainly addresses the dynamic demand of electronics manufacturing." commented Jack Chua, Vice President of Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems Pte Ltd.

The SIPLACE SX is the world's first placement machine where gantries can be installed or
de-installed in less than thirty minutes

With its SIPLACE machines, Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG (SEAS) is the world's leading manufacturer of surface mount technology (SMT) placement machines and solutions. From its early days in 1985 through 2009, the company has installed almost 22,000 placement machines for more than 2,000 customers. The broad SIPLACE portfolio is particularly popular with electronic manufacturing service (EMS) providers. SIPLACE placement machines are used in all industrial applications in fields such as telecommunications, automotive, consumer electronics and automation.

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