Electronic Torque Wrenches feature fixed ratcheting head.

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Able to accept standard Proto sockets, Fixed Ratcheting Head Torque Wrenches come in ¼, 3/8, and ½ in. drive versions with torque ranges from 25-250 lb-ft and are accurate to within ±2% of indicated value in both directions over 10%-100% FS range. Fixed ratcheting head has 24-tooth design with 15° arc swing, alloy steel drive gear, and reversing lever design. Along with on-board storage for readings, features include LCD, Track and Peak Hold modes, and visual and audible indicators.

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Stanley Proto Launches Electronic Fixed Ratcheting Head Torque Wrenches

New wrenches include all the features and benefits of the Proto's existing electronic wrenches.

Conyers, GA - Stanley Proto has added to its line of Electronic torque wrenches three new Fixed Ratcheting Head models. The new wrenches accept standard Proto sockets, and come in ¼", 3/8", and ½" drive versions with torque ranges from 25 in-lb (2.8 Nm) to 250 ft-lb (339 Nm).

Stanley® Proto® Fixed Ratcheting Head Torque Wrenches are accurate to within +/- 2% of indicated value in BOTH directions (compared to 4% clockwise and 6% counter clockwise on mechanical models). This broad accuracy range extends from 10% to 100% of Full Scale. In addition, ninety-nine "on-board" memory storage locations help improve efficiency when taking multiple torque readings.

The fixed ratcheting head features a robust 24-tooth design with a 15° arc swing, an alloy steel drive gear for strength and durability, a low profile design for easy access, and a reversing lever design to ease one-handed operation.

The torque wrenches come with many of the same features and benefits as Proto's existing electronic torque wrenches. These include:
  • An easy to read LCD Display with large digits.
  • 3 units of measure available (ft-lb, in-lb, and Nm)
  • A rotating head for easy viewing of the LCD display from any position.
  • A fast sampling rate that ensures the wrench will measure peak torque the moment it's reached.
  • Track and Peak Hold modes as a standard feature. (In Track Mode the wrench displays real-time torque; in Peak mode it holds the highest measured torque until released.)
  • Helpful visual and audible indicators: a green light appears and buzzer sounds when the target is reached; a red light appears with intermittent buzzer when it is over-torqued; an audible buzzer helps identify when desired torque target zones are approaching and met. These features are a benefit when working in low light conditions.

    The new wrenches are ergonomically designed for user comfort, and operate on standard 9-volt batteries. They are manufactured to meet or exceed ASME B107.28.

    Add On Software Available
    Users also have the option of purchasing Proto® Software that allows for full two-way communication between the torque wrench and a personal computer. The software lets users download all data captured by the Torque Wrench directly into a spreadsheet: either all at once from on-board memory. It also allows for users to control all settings on the torque wrench either from the wrench or computer. The software comes on a CD, and includes a cable for connecting the torque wrench to the computer's USB port.

    About Stanley-Proto
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