Electronic Pipettes feature joystick control.

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Featuring 16-bit color screen and carousel-like menu, E4 XLS Series can be programmed for applications ranging from setting up mixing protocols to volume sequencing, reverse pipetting, and titrate. True Manual mode gives researchers real-time control over aspiration and dispense speed. Available as single channel, multichannel with 8 or 12 channels, and 6- or 8-channel adjustable spacer, pipettes feature LTS LiteTouch System, which minimizes force required for tip ejection.

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METTLER TOLEDO Rainin's New E4 XLS Transforms Electronic Pipetting

With its ergonomically-shaped body, joystick control and large, full color screen, the E4 XLS introduces a revolutionary new graphical interface that makes even the most complex protocols simple to access and fast to execute.

With the introduction of its new E4 XLS line of pipettes, METTLER TOLEDO Rainin , has raised the bar on electronic pipetting performance and ease-of-use. Featuring a large color screen, precision joystick and carousel-like menu, the E4 XLS makes moving between options and settings extremely fast and highly intuitive.

Before the E4 XLS, complexity has been the bane of electronic pipettes and the primary reason many researchers avoid them. Electronic pipettes with advanced features aren't new, but with small data screens and complex navigation schemes, their appeal among researchers has been limited. In fact, most major electronic pipette manufacturers have sacrificed features and capabilities in their latest models as a tactic to reduce complexity.

Rainin has taken an entirely different approach, instead drawing on advances in cell phone and gaming technology to simplify navigation and make operation fast and easy. The E4 XLS employs a fully functioning joystick, robust processor and large 16-bit color screen that transform pipette operation, making it highly graphical and far less linear.

"The E4 XLS is truly in a class all by its own," said Rainin General Manager Leonard Pulig. "This pipette has more features and capabilities than any other electronic pipette on the market, yet is incredibly simple and intuitive to use. The immediacy with which first time users can pick it up and almost instantly access its most advanced features is astonishing. In minutes, and without an instruction manual, people intuitively know how to use this pipette."

In addition to basic pipetting functions, the E4 XLS offers an array of features that range from simple to highly complex. It can be easily programmed for almost any application, from setting up mixing protocols, such as serial dilutions, to volume sequencing, reverse pipetting and titrate. Also unique to the E4 XLS is its "True Manual" mode, which gives researchers precise, real-time control over aspiration and dispense speed.

Like all Rainin pipettes, the E4 XLS meets the highest standards for accuracy and precision. Careful attention has also been paid to the pipette's balance and weight, making it the most comfortable and ergonomic electronic pipette available. The contoured body, easy-to-reach controls and exceptionally even balance minimize fatigue, even after hours of use.

The E4 XLS is available as a single channel, multichannel with 8 or 12 channels, and 6- or 8-channel adjustable spacer in a wide range of volumes. All feature Rainin's patented LTS LiteTouch System, which is proven to significantly reduce the force required for tip ejection. Single channel E4 XLS models are also available for traditional shafts.

Among life scientists, the Rainin brand is synonymous with innovation, quality and comprehensive support. Rainin Instrument, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of METTLER TOLEDO, is a leading global provider of advanced high performance solutions for liquid handling.


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