Electronic Moisture Balance features Unibloc technology.

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Featuring 130 mm dia sample pan, MOC120H offers choice of measuring modes as well as bar graph display that monitors moisture vaporization. Auto-taring mechanism eliminates zero drift automatically, and Windows® Direct communication integrates with existing lab or business software. Along with mid-wave IR quartz ceramic heating source, product features UniBloc weighing mechanism that ensures stable temperature characteristics and corner-load performance.

Original Press Release:

Electronic Moisture Balance Featuring Unibloc Technology

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced the new MOC120H Moisture Balance. The new MOC120H features a unique auto-taring mechanism, which eliminates the zero drift automatically, and a large sample pan (130 mm dia.) for fast and accurate measurements. A mid-wave infrared quartz ceramic heating source provides effective drying without interference for a wide range of samples and offers a long operational life. A choice of measuring modes optimizes measurement conditions and a bar graph display monitors moisture vaporization to easily determine when the measurement nears completion.

Shimadzu's MOC120H Electronic Moisture Balance features the high-performance UniBloc weighing mechanism. Introduced by Shimadzu in 1989, the UniBloc's compact, uniform structure ensures stable temperature characteristics and corner-load performance, excellent response time, and reliable production consistency. The MOC120H also features award-winning Windows® Direct communication, which requires no software installation to integrate Shimadzu balances with existing lab or business software. This function eliminates data input errors, offers flexible application development, and simplifies system validation and compliance.

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