Electronic Loads and Power Supplies feature unified GUI.

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Managed via eController with single GUI that consolidates Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Waveform Digitizer, and Waveform Editor, eLoad electronic loads and ePower power supplies feature means with which to integrate multiple command sets and control schemes to meet application objectives. Control architecture aids navigation via Virtual Panels, and complex tests stored in profiles can be initiated with 1-touch button functionality.

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AMREL Debuts Their New eController at Autotestcon 2007

AMREL Debuts Their New eController At Autotestcon 2007

Baltimore, MD- AMREL/AMERICAN RELIANCE is proud to introduce their eController with Ethernet, the latest in a long line of AMREL's customer-driven technologies at AUTOTESTCON 2007. The eController not only controls AMREL's eLoad electronic loads and ePower power supplies, it also is the only controller platform on the market to consolidate an Arbitrary Waveform Generator, a Waveform Digitizer, and a Waveform Editor into a single, easy-to-use GUI. As a centralized point of management, the eController takes the confusion and hassle out of integrating multiple command sets and control schemes to meet application objectives pronto - the eController is an exemplary example of AMREL's customer-driven commitment!

The simple yet elegant control architecture provides easy navigation for the eLoad and ePower lines via Virtual Panels. For automation, operation sequences are created by selecting from a drop-down menu with all ePower and eLoad commands to compose a command sequence and store it into a profile. To run the user-defined profile, simply select the desired profile and click "START".

Does your application require simulating engine profiles or specific battery charge/discharge profiles? Does your application require sink and source capabilities? Or, do you simply wish to edit a proprietary control waveform to manage a set of power supply and electronic load combinations? The eController provides a simple and precise answer - it integrates an advanced and powerful function which allows the end-user to author waveforms based on existing dynamic profile requirements, record/digitize real-world events and then play these back controlling AMREL's eLoad electronic loads and ePower supplies. In addition to the simulation of test conditions with edited or captured waveforms, ten (10) preset conventional waveforms are included.

The best part is that these complex tasks can be performed effortlessly by saving test conditions to user-defined profiles, and initiating the test with a 1-touch button.

Come see a live demonstration at AUTOTESTCON 2007, Booth# 807.

AMREL's eLoad electronic loads and ePower power supplies can now be automatically controlled to sequence a sink/source, charge/discharge or dynamic profile capability that simulates real world events. End-users can reduce time-to-market and streamline product releases by leveraging AMREL's customer-driven technologies such as the new eController to develop complete automated test applications today. AMREL's eLoad and ePower lines are now the most user-friendly and easy-to-navigate products on the market, enhanced by powerful waveform generation which brings endless test application possibilities via a centralized and precise yet flexible control. AMREL is now automated!

Established in 1985, AMREL's power products division has developed and manufactured the widest line of programmable power products, electronic loads and power supplies, on the market. With AMREL's "customer-driven" commitment, there is no doubt AMREL will continue to lead the industry in test and measurement power product solutions. For more information about AMREL's products go to www.amrel.com.

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