Electronic Indexer is fully programmable.

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Rotary Indexer Product Set offers direct drive solution that requires no maintenance over entire system life. With repeatability to ±1.2 arc-sec with no backlash and system accuracy to ±26 arc-sec, compact system. can be programmed to go in any direction, at any speed, at any angle. Index times are also programmable, and no homing is ever required; absolute position feedback maintains position even under power cycling. End users can update motion sequence to satisfy application needs.

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Danaher Motion¹s New Electronic Indexer Solution Set Can Double Throughput Compared with Mechanical Indexers

WOOD DALE, IL - Danaher Motion introduces the Rotary Indexer Product Set. This fully programmable direct drive solution provides precise, repeatable and flexible electronic indexing in a compact, affordable package that delivers the bottom line - a significant increase in throughput compared with mechanical indexers, with no maintenance over the entire life of the system. Additionally, precisely matched components assure interoperability and optimized performance, ease of system selection and ordering, as well as quick, easy system commissioning.

"The Danaher Motion Rotary Indexer Product Set provides unmatched operational performance and flexibility, allowing OEMs to build a better machine, faster, and end-users to precisely assemble even the smallest of parts faster with far less scrap and better yield, while actually lowering the cost of ownership over the life of the machine," said Dennis Gallagher, Vice President of Systems For Danaher Motion. "This solution enables users to achieve software selectable motion sequences that run circles around mechanical indexer capabilities. Precision technology allows for superior repeatability to ±1.2 arc-sec, with no backlash and system accuracy to ±26 arc-sec. In comparison, mechanical indexers typically provide best-case repeatability to ± 33 arc-sec and accuracy to ±66 arc-sec," he said.

Mechanical indexers are notoriously inflexible when it comes to motion sequences, as they are limited by a fixed number of sequence points at a fixed angle. Danaher Motion's Rotary Indexer Product Set is quickly and easily programmed to go in any direction, at any speed, and at any angle. This is extremely attractive to system integrators that deal with multiple product designs, including custom machines, as they are able to use a single indexer solution to satisfy any number of requirements. Additionally, should the demands of the manufacturing process change this flexibility would also benefit the end user by allowing them to update the motion sequence to satisfy their application needs.

This indexer product set can rotate both clockwise and counter clockwise to achieve the shortest cycle time and increased throughput. The index times are programmable and no homing is ever required, as absolute position feedback maintains position even under power cycling. Additionally, users will benefit from a noticeable 20dB reduction in system noise when compared with mechanical indexers.

Unlike mechanical indexers that require regular maintenance checks and service, the Danaher Motion Rotary Indexer Product Set is lubricated for life and requires no maintenance over the entire life of the machine. Combined with rapid system start-up, including Quick Start Guide, this system offers the lowest total cost of ownership and highest level of performance of any rotary indexing option available today.

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