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Electronic Governor facilitates smooth engine operation.

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Electronic Governor facilitates smooth engine operation.

Mar 01, 2004 - Electronic Governor incorporates electronic and mechanical functions in integrated system. Electronic module processes engine speed information and sends appropriate signals to stepper motor on carburetor throttle shaft. Unit dictates movement of throttle with steps as small as 0.2°. It eliminates droop experienced while engine is under load, and can automatically adjust spark timing. Governor features precise cut-in and idle stability feedback.

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Electronic Governor From Walbro Engine Management Promises Smooth Engine Operation

Press release date: Feb 12, 2004

TUCSON, Arizona, February 12, 2004 - Walbro Engine Management has developed an electronic speed governing system designed to provide smooth engine operation in applications such as lawn-and-garden tractors and generator sets.

The electronic governor incorporates a number of Walbro components and incorporates both electronic and mechanical functions in an integrated system. Walbro's expertise in both fuel systems and ignition systems makes it uniquely positioned to provide this type of engine control system, where the two systems interact to provide significant performance benefits.

The heart of the Walbro electronic governor system is an electronic module that processes engine speed information and sends appropriate signals to a stepper motor on the carburetor throttle shaft. Dictating movement of the throttle with steps of as small as 0.2°, the electronic governor allows for greater control and increased performance possibilities. The result is smooth steady-state operation without the rapid "hunting" common to most mechanical governors. The system also reduces speed variations under engine loading and unloading and eliminates the "droop" experienced while the engine is under load.

The Walbro electronic governor system currently utilizes speed data from a sensor on the flywheel. Future systems could combine the electronic functions of the electronic governor with those of a digital ignition module, allowing a single unit to serve as a speed sensor and provide digital control to the throttle controller.

The Walbro system also can automatically adjust the spark timing for easy starting (cold start or hot re-start) and excellent all-around engine performance. Features such as precise cut-In, reduced kick back, idle stability feedback, customized timing control and optimized engine power can further enhance consumer satisfaction.

Walbro Engine Management, a unit of TI Automotive, is the world's largest manufacturer of carburetors and a major manufacturer of ignition systems, fuel injection and air/fuel management components for engines targeted at outdoor power equipment, marine, recreational and two-wheel applications. Walbro Engine Management has facilities in the United States, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Thailand and China. More information is available at