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Series 2698 and 2699 Controllers offer sensing and control of heating, cooling, and humidity. Units include 2- or 4-digit push-button display panel, bi-color LED indication, and user adjustable differential. Model 2698 suits on/off cooling control for -40° to +50°F temperature range, while Model 2699 provides on/off temperature and humidity control and features up to 3 outputs with multiple relays to drive fan, lights, defrost heater, or damper.

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Selco/ECC's New Electronic Controllers Feature Sophisticated Functions for Optimum Precision in Control of Heating, Cooling and Humidity

ANAHEIM, Calif. - March 3, 2005 - Selco/ECC has introduced the new 2698 and 2699 Cold/Hot Controllers, offering high-end electronic features to provide extremely sophisticated sensing and control of heating, cooling and humidity. Typical applications include cooling or heating control for spas and cooking equipment, freezers, refrigerators and dehumidifiers. Priced competitively with traditional bulb and capillary thermostats, the new electronic controllers offer a cost-effective replacement for users desiring high precision temperature and time control, and/or temperature reading display capabilities.

Both new electronic controllers feature a number of enhanced control options including two or four-digit push-button display panels, bi-color LED indication, and options for user panel remote control and user adjustment of differential. Incorporating microprocessor-based technology, these controllers provide excellent performance accuracy, repeatability and stability.

For maximum versatility, users can select from several input options including Selco/ECC's Solid State Transformer with wide power input range from 75 to 305 VAC, 50/60 Hz; Standard Transformer power input from 115 VAC or 230 VAC, with Class 2 Isolation. Further flexibility is provided via the onboard POT and connector that can optionally be used for external linear 0-5V input signal such as temperature, humidity, or pressure.

The new Model 2698 Electronic Cold/Hot Controller is designed for ON/OFF cooling control for temperatures between -40°F to +50°F (-40°C to +10°C), or cooling control for temperatures between -32°F to +285°F(0 °C to - 140°C). In the cooling mode, the 2698 or 2699 optimizes precise time/temperature control by providing user settable lock-out time and minimum run time. Output choices include SPST/SPDT relay rated at 10, 15, or 30Amp.

The new Model 2699 Electronic Cold/Hot Controller is designed for ON/OFF temperature and humidity control and features up to three outputs with multiple relays, or alternately, ability to drive an external SSR. The additional outputs can be programmed to drive a fan, lights, defrost heater or damper. Model 2699 also includes programmable LED indication in addition to its standard bi-color LED feature and optional remote digital display control.

For detailed product specifications, visit www.selcoproducts.com

For further information on the entire line of Selco thermostats, thermistors, electronic controls, knobs, and digital panel meters, contact Selco/ECC, 605 South East Street, Anaheim, Calif., 92805-4842; Toll-Free: (800) 229-2332; E-mail: sales@selcoproducts.com; Web site: www.selcoproducts.com.

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