Electronic Ballasts feature IntelliVolt® technology.

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Available to run 1-4 T8 fluorescent lamps, Optanium(TM) Instant Start Electronic Ballasts are offered in 2 versions: standard light output design with .87 ballast factor, and low-watt design with .77 ballast factor. Lamps are operated at 42-52 kHz frequency, eliminating visible flicker. Additional features include anti-striation circuitry, lamp auto-restrike capability, 20-foot remote mounting capability, and independent lamp operation.

Original Press Release:

Advance Introduces Exclusive New Line of High-Efficiency Optanium(TM) Instant Start Electronic Ballasts with IntelliVolt®

(February 2nd, 2005 - Rosemont, Illinois) Expanding its popular Optanium(TM) line of high-efficiency electronic ballasts, Advance Transformer announces the introduction of its exclusive family of Optanium Instant Start Electronic Ballasts with IntelliVolt® for operation of the market's broad range of T8 fluorescent lamps, including standard 40-Watt, 32-Watt, 25-Watt, and 17-Watt versions as well as 4-foot 30-Watt, 28-Watt, and 25-Watt energy-saving models.

Combining maximum energy savings with enhanced design flexibility and versatility, Advance's high-efficiency Optanium Instant Start ballasts consume fewer input watts than standard electronic instant start ballasts while offering a broad array of powerful features without compromise. The new ballasts are currently available to run 1-4 lamps and are offered in two versions - a standard light output design (.87 Ballast Factor) and a low-watt design (.77 Ballast Factor). All feature Advance's exclusive IntelliVolt multiple-voltage technology (enabling the ballasts' operation at any input voltage from 120 to 277 volts, 50/60Hz), as well as cold-start capability down to -20°F and a low-profile design optimized for today's fixture designs. The ballasts are UL Type CC rated and operate lamps at a frequency between 42 and 52 kHz to eliminate visible flicker and avoid interference with infrared devices or commonly-used Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems.

In addition to the aforementioned features, Advance's Optanium Instant Start electronic ballasts also incorporate anti-striation circuitry, a lamp auto-restrike capability, 20-foot remote mounting capability, and independent lamp operation (ILO), which insures that the fixture will remain partially lit when a lamp burns out. The ballasts further carry Advance's standard 5-year warranty and qualify for Advance's exclusive PLUS 90 Protection®, which matches any lamp manufacturer's published lamp-ballast system warranty, plus adds 90 days of additional warranty protection-on both the lamp and ballast.

Highly efficient, particularly when used in conjunction with the market's range of high-lumen, extended-life T8 lamps, Advance's Optanium Instant Start electronic ballasts can help reduce energy consumption by over 45% relative to older systems involving T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts and by 20-30% relative to conventional T8 lamps and electronic ballasts. Suitable for both new construction and retrofit applications, Optanium Instant Start electronic ballasts represent a maximum-efficiency, high-performing lighting solution for today's general office, retail, and warehouse settings.

Catalog numbers for Advance's new Optanium Instant Start electronic ballasts for the operation of fluorescent T8 lamps are IOP-1P32-SC, IOP-2P32-SC, IOP-3P32-SC, and IOP-4P32-SC (1-4-lamp versions, standard light output design) and IOP-1P32-LW-SC, IOP-2P32-LW-SC, IOP-3P32-LW-SC, and IOP-4P32-LW-SC (1-4-lamp versions, low-watt design).

Advance, a leading ballast manufacturer based in Rosemont, Illinois, manufactures a full line of electronic and magnetic fluorescent and magnetic and electronic HID ballasts as well as a broad family of drivers for LED light sources. For more information on Advance's complete product line, visit Advance's website at www.advancetransformer.com or call Advance at (800) 322-2086. Advance is a division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation.

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