Electronic Ballast ignite CFLs in less than one second.

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Featuring Quik-Start(TM) technology, SmartMate Series includes models that support 13, 18, 26, 32, and 42 W compact fluorescent lamps in commercial, retail, and residential applications. Color-coded, poke-in connectors insure wiring accuracy while minimizing fixture assembly and ballast installation time. Offered in M1 metal case styles, ballasts include end-of-lamp-life protection and come with bottom stud or length mounting feet options.

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Advance Expands Line of SmartMate Electronic Ballasts With Quik-Start(TM) Feature To Support Broad Range of Commercial and Residential Applications

(November 3rd, 2004 - Rosemont, Illinois) Advance Transformer announces the expansion of its line of SmartMate electronic ballasts featuring exclusive Quik-Start(TM) technology with new models to support 13 Watt, 18 Watt, 26 Watt, 32 Watt, and 42 Watt compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in a broad range of commercial, retail, and residential applications.

Now offered in models that operate one or two 13 Watt, 18 Watt, or 26 Watt CFLs as well as one 32 Watt or one 42 Watt CFL, Advance's new products are available in all new metal (M1) case styles in both bottom stud (BS) and length mounting feet (LS) mounting options. Ideal for applications such as hotel bathrooms and foyers, offices, and residential settings, the new SmartMate ballasts meet the requirements of California's new Title 24 2005 Residential Lighting Energy Efficiency Standards as well as those of the EPA's ENERGY STAR Residential Lighting Fixture Program.

Specially designed for applications requiring faster lamp ignition time, Smartmate models featuring Advance's exclusive Quik-Start technology ignite CFLs in less than 1.0 second, compared to the 1.25 to 1.50- second starting ability offered by standard programmed-start CFL ballasts. As with other SmartMate models, the new ballasts feature Advance's exclusive color-coded, poke-in connectors to insure wiring accuracy while minimizing fixture assembly and ballast installation time. Additionally, the ballasts' low-profile, lightweight enclosures provide maximum fixture design flexibility while facilitating shipping, handling, and installation. The ballasts also feature end-of-lamp-life protection, carry Advance's standard 5-year warranty, and qualify for Advance's exclusive PLUS 90 Protection®, which matches any lamp manufacturer's published lamp-ballast system warranty, plus adds 90 days of additional warranty protection--both lamp and ballast.

Catalog numbers for Advance's new SmartMate electronic ballasts featuring Quik-Start are as follows: RCF-2S13-M1-LS-QS or RCF-2S13-M1-BS-QS (for one or two 13 Watt CFLs), RCF-2S18-M1-LS-QS or RCF-2S18-M1-BS-QS (for one or two 18 Watt CFLs), RCF-2S26-M1-LS-QS or RCF-2S26-M1-BS-QS (for one or two 26 Watt CFLs, one 32 Watt CFL, or one 42 Watt CFL).

Advance Transformer Company, a leading ballast manufacturer based in Rosemont, Illinois, manufactures a full line of electronic and magnetic fluorescent and magnetic and electronic HID ballasts as well as a broad family of drivers for LED light sources. For more information on Advance's complete product line, visit Advance's website at www.advancetransformer.com or call Advance at (800) 322-2086. Advance is a division of Philips Electronics North America.

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