Electrodeless Conductivity Controllers offer flexible I/O.

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Suited for use in harsh and aggressive solutions, WEC/WDEC410 Series Electrodeless Conductivity Controllers utilize non-contacting, toroidal conductivity measurement. Pre-wired NEMA 4X wall-mount package is available with one or 2 sensor inputs and integrated data logging. Data extraction is possible via USB stick, and 4 mechanical control relays offer on/off or time proportional control options. Fifth relay is provided for localized visual or audible alarm.

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WEC/WDEC410 Series Electrodeless Conductivity Controllers

February, 2009 - Holliston, MA

Walchem is pleased to announce the introduction of the WEC/WDEC410 Series Electrodeless Conductivity Controllers. WEC/WDEC controllers utilize a non-contacting, toroidal conductivity measurement that is well suited for use in harsh and aggressive solutions that might coat, corrode or destroy sensors with exposed electrodes. They are applicable to a wide range of industrial, commercial and municipal applications including: oily cleaner baths, fume scrubbers, brine solutions, sewer monitoring, liming applications, clean in place applications, chemical concentration monitoring, parts washers, pharmaceutical applications, pulping applications, food applications and any solutions with solids and/or high ionic strength.

The controllers are supplied in a convenient pre-wired NEMA 4X wall mount package that can be installed in minutes. One or two sensor inputs are available. Integrated data logging is available to validate system performance. A USB stick is all that's needed to extract data and event logs that include electrode measurements, temperature, accumulated chemical feed and relay activation times.

There are four (4) mechanical, control relays to directly drive electronic metering pumps or other powered devices. Control options include on/off or time proportional control. Each control output can be assigned to either sensor, and relays can be either a high or low set point, high or low alarm, in range alarm, out of range alarm or probe wash. A fifth relay is available for a localized visual or audible alarm. One or two optional isolated 4-20mA outputs are available, which can be assigned to either sensor input, to correspond to the conductivity or temperature.

All controllers are compatible with our "active" electrodeless conductivity sensors. Sensors are available in various conductivity ranges from 50 µS/cm to 1000 mS/cm. Both the sensor and controller has integral temperature compensation to assure accurate conductivity readings. Sensors are available in economical CPVC for less aggressive environments and PEEK for more harsh conditions.

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