Electro-Spec Introduces Innovative Gold Plating Process with Significant Cost Savings

Franklin, IN, -- Electro-Spec, Inc., one of the leading specialty plating facilities in the United States, has developed a new and innovative way to apply gold plating in a precise and controlled manner. These new plating lines provide the ability to selectively gold plate pins and contacts, which will dramatically reduce the cost for gold plating by applying the deposit only where it matters most with regard to performance.

To date, most pins and contacts have always been gold plated over the entire surface area of the part. Our new Selective Plating Technology provides the ability to plate only the most critical areas of the part. The ability to precisely control the deposit will save a considerable amount of money by reducing the amount of gold used during the process, and it also has the potential to enhance part performance in terms of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, conductivity, and solderability.

"RF/Microwave Connector companies and fastener companies have the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost for gold plating parts by using our Selective Plating Technology, stated Jeff Smith, President of Electro-plate. "With the price of gold skyrocketing to all time highs, having the ability to control the deposit greatly reduces the amount of material needed to product the parts."

For more information on our Selective Plating Technology or to request quote, visit our website at www.electro-spec.com, email us at services@electro-spec.com , or call us at 317-738-9199.

About Electro-Spec, Inc.

Electro-Spec is continually recognized as one of the leading specialty plating facilities in the United States. With a customer base from North America to Asia and Europe, Electro-Spec is synonymous with high quality and high reliability Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper and Tri-M3(TM)(Tri-Alloy) electroplating.

Our next-generation plating lines and waste treatment system give us precise control of all phases of plating and production. Technologically advanced hardware and software allows us to monitor time, temperature, current density, filtration, flightbars, substrates, thicknesses, and solution levels throughout our facility. Statistical process information is constantly updated to spreadsheets, allowing complete accountability and traceability.

In concern for the environment, our capabilities in plating and waste treatment are enhanced by our closed-loop processes. Our vacuum vapor degreasers, plating lines and waste treatment systems all encapsulate their by-products for regeneration and recycling, giving us the ability to re-use much of the waste we generate. Water quality and air quality throughout our facility consistently exceeds even the most stringent guidelines.

We take our commitment to our customers, vendors, employees and environment seriously. We believe that either in doing business with us or working for us, that commitment is ever-present. Electro-Spec is truly a leader in the plating industry, but it is our commitment that will allow us to grow and prosper for many years to come.

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