Electro-Matic Products, Inc. Announces the Expansion of Our Product Offering by Partnering with FutureMedia Displays to Offer PriceVision Link® Gas Price Changers

Farmington Hills, MI - Electro-Matic Products, Inc. in Farmington Hills, Michigan is pleased to announce the addition of a new innovative product PriceVision Link® (PVLink®) which adds Gas Price Changer capability to our Hyperion® Outdoor Electronic Message Centers.

PVLink® extends PriceVision's® intuitive control and automated Point of Sales Integration capabilities to Hyperion® Electronic Message Centers (EMC's). The functionality of real-time fuel displays adds a unique capability to Petroleum Retailers utilizing EMC's with PVLink®. In addition to their proven effectiveness in promoting non-fuel merchandise with high impact text, graphics and animation, these EMC's also deliver the added benefit of up to the minute, automatically updated fuel product pricing.

The PVLink® is offered as a kit and is marketed as an add-on for any fuel retailer or convenience store operator seeking to improve merchandise sales inside the store while utilizing the same platform to enhance fuel sales. As part of the deliverable it also includes standardized product templates and flexible, easy to use software to ensure fast "out of the box" installation. All basic EMC capability of running text, graphics and animation, unlimited display size, resolution and color remains intact and is not affected by the new functionality.

A primary advantage is that it leverages FutureMedia's® extensive portfolio of Certified Point-of-Sale integration capability and for the first time extends it to the recently popular C-Store Visual Merchandising platform utilizing the Hyperion® Outdoor Message Centers. C-Store operators are able to maximize their message board investment by benefiting from the added capability of promoting fuel prices and high-margin non-fuel products on the Hyperion® Outdoor Message Centers equipped with PriceVision Link®.

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