Electro Industries Enhances the Nexus® 1252 Meter

WESTBURY, N.Y., -- Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces enhancements to one of its flagship products, the Nexus® 1252 Energy and Power Quality meter. These enhancements are in line with EIG's corporate policy of ensuring customer satisfaction by continually making improvements to released products at the same time as launching innovative new products.

The Nexus® 1252 meter now comes standard with advanced 4MB of memory, which used to be optional. This is effectively a cost reduction for the product, since the advanced memory is not being charged as an option. In addition, "under the hood" improvements have been made to the meter to further enhance its functionality. For example, one change allows the meter's battery to be replaced in the field, extending the usable life of the instrument.

At EIG, we focus on what can be done to improve the quality of each product. This comes up in every facet of the development, maintenance and the manufacturing of the product. We are committed to ensuring that the customer will be satisfied with the quality of any product they are receiving.

CONTACT: Erran Kagan, +1-516-334-0870

Web Site: http://www.electroind.com

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