Electrical Safety Analyzers feature Ethernet interface.

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Available in 4-in-1, 5-in-1, and 6-in-1 models, OMNIA® Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzers utilize Ethernet communication card for setting up tests, executing tests, and retrieving data remotely from PC with network connection. Card also provides active RS-232 serial port as well as barcode scanner port, which allows barcode scanner to be used directly on instrument without PC. Other interface options include GPIB, RS-232, and internal data storage card.

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Associated Research Inc Announces Ethernet Communications Card

New Ethernet Communication card is available for Associated Research's OMNIA® series of electrical safety compliance analyzers.

Lake Forest, Illinois, December, 2006 - Announced today by Associated Research, Inc is the addition of a new Ethernet Communication card to their OMNIA® series of electrical safety compliance analyzers. The Ethernet Communication card joins GPIB, RS-232, and an internal Data Storage card as available interface options on OMNIA.

The addition of an Ethernet Communication card is an industry first as Associated Research continues to be the electrical safety testing technology leader. The Ethernet card allows for setting up tests, executing tests, and retrieving data remotely from one PC with a network connection. It provides added flexibility in running an electrical safety testing workstation needed in an ever-developing manufacturing environment.

The Ethernet Communication card also provides a barcode scanner port. It allows for the capability to use a barcode scanner directly on the instrument. This provides barcode scanning capability without a connection to a PC. Barcode scanning can also be accomplished remotely through the Ethernet Communications card in conjunction with Associated Research's Autoware program. Lastly, the Ethernet Communication card also provides an active RS-232 serial port.

OMNIA models include 4-in-1, 5-in-1, and 6-in-1 electrical safety compliance analyzers. The base model, OMNIA 4, model 8104 contains the 4 most commonly required electrical safety tests including AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Ground Bond/Continuity and Insulation Resistance. The OMNIA 5, model 8105 adds Functional Run testing to the base model and OMNIA 6, model 8106 adds Functional Run and Line Leakage testing to the base model.

For more information visit them online at www.asresearch.com

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