Electric Trailer Tugger moves equipment up to 10,000 lb.

Press Release Summary:

CartCaddyWagonWheel is designed for wagon wheel and quad-steer-style trailers and wheeled equipment, enabling operator to pull one trailer or long train of carts at controlled walking speed. Tiller arm design simplifies turning and manipulating of equipment. Device is suited for manufacturing facilities with constant movement of wheeled equipment and carts in confined areas.

Original Press Release:

DJProducts Introduces a New Electric Trailer Tugger for Moving Wagon Wheel or Quad Steer Carts, Trailers, or Wheeled Equipment in Tight, Confined Areas

DJ Products of Minneapolis, manufacturers of walk-behind battery powered tuggers and platform trucks, has introduced another tug for moving carts, wheeled equipment and equipment trailers. Called the CartCaddyWagonWheel, this electric trailer tugger is designed for wagon wheel and quad steer style trailers and wheeled equipment up to 10,000 lbs that are typically pulled behind tow tractors, trucks, or fork trucks.

The new feature of this trailer tugger, which separates it from their other CartCaddy models, is its tiller arm design. The tiller arm design aids in easier turning and manipulating of such carts, trailers and other tugger equipment. These carts and trailers typically have pintle eyes or rings attached to tongues that control the front, and sometime rear axles of the equipment. The operator can now easily pull either one trailer, or a long train of carts at a slow, controlled walking speed.

Most common applications requiring a CartCaddyWagonWheel electric trailer tugger are manufacturing facilities with constant movement of wheeled equipment and carts in areas typically too confined for a conventional rider tug, truck, or fork truck. The CartCaddy assists in delivering these carts or trailers to more wide open areas or in and around the manufacturing floors where the larger riding tugs can then move them great distances.

The tuggers power, size, maneuverability, and price tag make it a more affordable alternative when compared to a electric fork truck or a possible injury resulting from employees strong-arming the equipment.

If you have a heavy push/pull application and would like consult with a
DJProducts, Inc. engineer, or would like to discuss their FREE DEMO TRIAL PROGRAM, please contact them at 1-800-686-2651 or go to http://www.djproducts.com/products/electric-tugger.html.

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