Electric, Radiant IR Heaters have energy-efficient design.

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Heaters for light-commercial, light-industrial, and residential units include QHRA11 (1,500 W, 120 V), which suits small areas; QHRA66 (2,000 W, 240 V), which suits mid-sized areas; and QV4440DTG/QVRC442056/QVR4440DWG, which meet needs of large areas. All windproof and dustproof models are IPX5-rated and use SWIR heating with symmetrical reflectors that optimize IR performance. Instant effect eliminates warm-up, while localized, zonal heating offers even coverage across people and objects.

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Berko® Offers Energy-Efficient Line of Radiant Infrared Heaters

Collection of Products Provides Clean, Instant Heating

Bennettsville, S.C. – Berko®, a leading choice among contractors for heating and ventilation systems, offers a collection of five new electric infrared heaters that optimize infrared radiation for a faster, more energy-efficient heating solution.

These radiant infrared heaters were developed for light-commercial, light-industrial and residential units in need of localized, zonal heating, and are designed to fit a wide variety of applications, including:

• Small areas: porches, patios, garages, decks and work areas

- Model: QHRA11 (1500W, 120V)

• Mid-sized areas: restaurants, hotels and reception areas

- Model: QHRA66 (2000W, 240V)

• Large areas: car washes, loading docks, bus stops, and more

- Models: QV4440DTG, QVRC442056, QVR4440DWG

Short wave infrared heating works by heating objects, not the air around the heater. Infrared heaters optimize this short wave infrared energy through parabolic reflector technology, allowing for more than 60 percent of heat to be solely generated by the reflector, while the heating element only provides 40 percent – meaning high-performance heating that is matched by energy efficiency. Berko continues to build on this technology through the use of special symmetrical reflectors that optimize infrared performance.

“The high prices of propane per pound in the U.S., coupled with our exclusive reflector technology, provide a substantial cost difference for the end user,” said Dennis Krob, product manager for Marley Engineered Products. “In fact, replacing a propane infrared heater with a comparable electric infrared heater is both cheaper in installation and allows for cost savings of nearly $20 dollars per week.”

Other features of the radiant infrared heaters include:

• Instant effect – no warm-up required

• Uniform, localized, zonal heating – only where it is needed

• Versatile direction– even coverage across people and objects

• Clean heat – no combustion or odors

• Windproof – radiant heat doesn’t heat air, so heating temperature is unaffected by wind

• Dustproof – no air effect means no dust is stirred up

• IPX5-rated and weather-resistant for all outdoor locations

• 6 foot power cord with in-line on/off switch

“With this new line of heaters, we offer the ease of installation that contractors prefer and the dependability that their customers require,” said Krob. “The cost-saving benefits and technological advancements these heaters provide make a huge impact – no matter the application.”

To learn more about the Berko® line of radiant infrared heaters visit http://www.marleymep.com or locate the nearest Marley Engineered Products sales rep at http://www.marleymep.com/en/berko/where-to-buy/.

About Marley Engineered Products®

Marley Engineered Products® is a leading North American designer and manufacturer of reliable comfort heating and ventilation solutions for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Founded in 1926, the company’s expertise in thermal engineering began in 1922 with the inception of the Power Plant Equipment Company, which later became the Marley Company.

Today, Marley Engineered Products is recognized by contractors, architects, engineers and HVAC professionals for providing a wide range of high-performance, reliable heating and ventilation equipment. Marely Engineered Products’ brands include QMark®, Berko®, Fahrenheat® and Leading Edge®, providing a wide range of innovative, quality engineered, commercial, industrial, and residential electric comfort heaters as well as ventilation solutions.

Marley Engineered Products’ manufacturing operations are based in Bennettsville, S.C., with regional sales representatives located throughout the U.S. and an administrative office in Burr Ridge, Ill.

Additional information is available at www.marleymep.com.

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