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Electric Counterbalanced Forklift offer 2.0-5.0 ton capacities.

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Oct 24, 2012 - In addition to AC2 power system and System of Active Stability, 80 V 7FBMF Gold Edition models incorporate digital multifunction display. Safety package provides PIN-code access, emergency shut-off button, and back-up buzzer, while Comfort package offers 3 cabin options. Productivity package includes forkpositioner with sideshift function for facilitated pallet placement/retrieval, and Durability package adds front LED lights and rear combination lights.

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Original Press Release

TMHE's Toyota 7FBMF Forklift Now Available in Limited Gold Edition to Drive Down Costs Even Further

Press release date: Oct 18, 2012

Designed for enhanced performance, increased safety and even greater durability

Toyota 7FBMF is an 80V electric counterbalanced truck range with capacities from 1.6 to 5.0 tonnes, Toyota’s AC2 power system, and the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS), making it a serious alternative to engine-powered trucks in intensive applications that demand heavy-duty forklifts. Today, TMHE announces limited Gold Edition models, with improved standard specifications and option packages designed to drive down costs through enhanced performance, increased safety and even greater durability.

Available in capacities from 2.0 to 5.0 tonnes, 7FBMF Gold Edition trucks boast a unique enhanced feature set. The ‘all-round’ digital multifunction display features an overspeed alarm, drive and lift motor service hour meter. The low-maintenance battery reduces running costs and sideshift increases productivity by making pallet placement and retrieval faster and safer. With these additional features the standard specification is considerably higher than the regular 7FBMF range, but the Gold Edition doesn’t stop there. Four unique option packages allow each truck to be further enhanced in the key areas to suit specific customer needs.

The Safety package includes PIN-code access, limiting use to authorised drivers; an emergency shut-off button; and a ‘back-up buzzer’, for safer reversing. And, in a feature completely new and unique to 7FBMF Gold Edition, its seat belt forms part of the Toyota Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) function, which prevents the truck’s controls being activated without a properly seated driver. In the Gold Edition, the seat belt must also be fastened before the truck can be operated.

The Comfort package comprises three cabin options: open-sided, steel (enclosed) with heater, and the steel ‘Comfort Cabin’, which adds a radio/MP3 player and fabric trim, for comfortable operation in harsh environments.
Work rate can be boosted with the Productivity package, which includes a forkpositioner with sideshift function for easy and precise pallet handling, reducing goods damage. Finally, the Durability package adds efficient and long-life front LED lights, plus rear combination lights, ideal for shift work and busy applications.

“Toyota 7FBMF has demonstrated its value and reliability and these qualities are further enhanced in the 7FBMF Gold Edition,” comments Hugues van Espen, Senior Director Marketing. “Customer operations are more and more demanding and increasingly rely on equipment performance. Toyota’s AC2 power system and SAS consistently deliver efficient productivity with the highest safety standards, driving down costs for our customers. The new Gold Edition specifications ensure that 7FBMF is now even more competitive.”

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