Elbit Systems of America Showcasing Combat Readiness at the Air Force Association Air Warfare Symposium and Technology Exposition

Elbit Systems of America - A Global Leader in Situational Awareness and Combat Readiness


Elbit Systems of America, LLC, a U.S. company and subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., will present at the Air Force Association Air Warfare and Technology Exposition 24-26 Feb. 2016 cutting-edge technologies and products that protect and support pilots during their critical missions. From avoiding danger to meeting it head on, U.S. Air Force pilots can rely on solutions from Elbit Systems of America to protect and save lives.

During this year's expo, Elbit Systems of America, a global, integrated solutions provider, will showcase an array of technologies that support the U.S. Air Force. Products on display include a Digital Eye Piece (DEP) enabling Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) night vision cueing and display capability, an IR-based Missile Warning System that helps pilots identify, avoid, and counter dangerous threats, and precision seekers that can precisely eliminate threats all together.

The Digital Eye Piece for the JHMCS

Elbit Systems of America is advancing day cueing technology with the DEP, a light weight night vision cueing and display solution for the JHMCS. This next-gen solution brings daytime cueing and display capabilities into night operations without the need for costly upgrades, modifications or any changes to the aircraft. With the DEP, pilots are now able to transition easily from day to night operations while in flight, providing the advantage of helmet mounted cueing and display capability around the clock.

Passive Airborne Warning System - PAWS-US

PAWS-US, the combat-proven IR Missile Warning System (MWS) for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft allows pilots earlier threat detection. The combat-refined, field-proven, low risk technology also allows for improved situational awareness through its IR-Centric/Distributed Aperture real-time assessment of the IR battlefield picture giving pilots a more informed understanding of threats, enemy forces, and their environment.

Precision Seekers

Engaging the Elbit Systems of America battle-proven family of Precision Semi-Active Laser and Multi-Mode Seekers eliminates threats and keeps our warfighters safe in the air and on the ground. These advanced seekers, used by the USAF, USN, and foreign allied countries, are effective on static or high-speed moving targets and have an increased detection range for precision targeting. Identified targets can be eliminated while protecting surrounding environments.                               

"We are proud to support the United States Air Force as a full spectrum partner for their mission success. It is our commitment to the pilots, crews, and their families to provide technically advanced solutions that will protect the warfighter during their critical missions and allow them to return home safely," commented Bob Edmonds, vice president of marketing, Elbit Systems of America. "We also commend the Air Force Association and their commitment to the understanding of aerospace power and the role it plays in our national security,"

To learn more about the Elbit Systems of America's advanced solutions for combat readiness and enhanced situational awareness, visit Booth #301 during the 32nd Annual Air Force Association Air Warfare and Technology Exposition at Rosen Shingle Creek, Booth 301, Orlando, FL, on February 24-26.

About Elbit Systems of America, LLC 

Elbit Systems of America is a leading provider of high performance products, system solutions, and support services focusing on the commercial aviation, defense, homeland security, and medical instrumentation markets.  With facilities throughout the United States, Elbit Systems of America is dedicated to supporting those who contribute daily to the safety and security of the United States.  Elbit Systems of America, LLC is wholly owned by Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: ESLT), a global electronics company engaged in a wide range of programs for innovative defense and commercial applications. For additional information, visit: http://www.elbitsystems-us.com or follow us on Twitter [https://twitter.com/elbitsystemsus.

About Elbit Systems 

Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international high technology company engaged in a wide range of defense, homeland security and commercial programs throughout the world. The Company, which includes Elbit Systems and its subsidiaries, operates in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance ("C4ISR"), unmanned aircraft systems, advanced electro-optics, electro-optic space systems, EW suites, signal intelligence systems, data links and communications systems, radios and cyber-based systems. The Company also focuses on the upgrading of existing platforms, developing new technologies for defense, homeland security and commercial applications and providing a range of support services, including training and simulation systems.

For additional information, visit: http://www.elbitsystems.com or follow us on Twitter [https://twitter.com/ElbitSystemsLtd.


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