Educational Facility Lighting promotes energy conservation.

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Designed to minimize energy use while maintaining integrity of learning environment in new and existing facilities, A+CLASS(TM) single source classroom lighting system lets teacher adjust light levels as needed. General level provides ample, uniform light throughout classroom, while A/V level dims light to degree suited for video presentations and note taking. Other technologies that foster energy conservation include occupancy sensor and optional daylight sensor.

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Alera Lighting Introduces a New "Class" of Energy Savings

Greenville, SC: With educational facilities being identified by the Department of Energy as one of the highest consumers of energy among commercial buildings, educators and school district officials are looking for ways to reduce usage and maintain the integrity of the learning environment. According to best practices, recommendations, and guidelines identified by the US Green Building Council's LEED for Schools, the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), and the California Energy Commission (CEC) Pier study among others, installing a lighting system that dramatically reduces load, provides automatic shutoff, and allows teacher control, a 30% to 50% reduction in consumption may be achieved as compared to traditional systems.

With all of today's economic challenges, many educational facilities will seek American Reinvestment Recovery Act (ARRA) stimulus funding. A+CLASS(TM) by Alera Lighting is a single source classroom lighting system designed to offer energy savings and control strategies that align well to sustainable endeavors as critical improvements to new and existing facilities. The patent pending system provides simple and practical ways for the teacher to adjust light levels as needed depending on the task at hand. If lecturing from the front of the class, the teacher would use the General [GEN] level, providing ample, uniform light throughout the classroom. When using a projector or other type of video display, the Audio Visual (A/V) level dims the light to an ideal level for a clear, vibrant video presentation, while still allowing sufficient illumination for note taking. The high performance components interface seamlessly to form a single, cohesive system that is easy to operate. By design, it's forward compatibility will allow the system to gracefully accept future innovations and additions, providing longevity and expansion potential.

The standard configuration of the A+CLASS(TM) system combines both trusted techniques, like an occupancy sensor that automatically turns out the lights when the classroom is unoccupied, and innovative features including NeverDark, a brief overlap when switching between the two different lighting levels insuring interruption-free light. The optional daylight sensor detects when sufficient daylight is available and automatically reduces the A+CLASS(TM) general lighting levels. This clever breakthrough allows for daylight harvesting, or simply allowing the sun to be the light source whenever available.

Besides saving energy and being easy to operate, the A+CLASS(TM) system is simple to install and commission, overcoming two of the bigger obstacles when considering a new system. From the UL listed Classroom Control Module and the LCD display that guides users through the system setup and configuration to the color-coded plug & play design, A+CLASS(TM) makes it easy to save energy and improve the classroom environment. One of the single biggest benefits to schools and school districts is the ability to specify lighting and control requirements at the onset of the project and e-mail the control parameters to installers for commissioning purposes. Our exclusive SD Card commissioning method transforms this typically daunting task into a simple, verifiable process. After commissioning, the SD card log can be returned to the school district as verification that the commissioning has been completed as per specifications.

To gather all of these features and benefits into one system, it took the combined efforts of Alera Lighting, Hubbell's leading manufacturer of architectural and specialty fluorescent luminaires, and Hubbell Building Automation, Hubbell's industry leader in the application of technology to the business of energy saving lighting controls. In fact all A+CLASS(TM) system components originate within the Hubbell platform for a single source - not just a single point of sale. This user friendly, single source approach ensures continuity throughout the project cycle and beyond.

Committed to the practice of conserving resources, Alera Lighting offers the A+CLASS(TM) system as the easiest and most practical classroom energy management system available. Improve the energy efficiency and lighting quality in your school with A+CLASS.

For more information about Alera, visit Alera Lighting is a division of Hubbell Lighting, 701 Millennium Boulevard, Greenville, SC. Phone: 864-678-1000.

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