EDL Inc. Announces the Release of the New Megaohm Validator

Danville, VA - 2, March, 2009 - EDL Inc., The makers of the Fur-1200 Calibration Furnace and Ultra Bath (stirred silicone oil or salt bath) line of calibration instruments introduces the new Megaohm Validator®, a product that guarantees the measurement accuracy of insulation resistance testers; crucial to trust in measurement. This product provides a simple method of ensuring insulation resistance testers are operating properly and within specification and is of tremendous value to manufacturing professionals who need absolute trust in measurement.

"The Megaohm Validator® is a cutting edge product far superior to anything available today," said John Roberts, Senior EE of EDL, Inc. "We expect tremendous sales of the MOV-1. Customers trust the EDL name and in today's market, manufacturers rely on accuracy in every stage of the manufacturing process; companies can't afford costly
mistakes due to inaccurate measurements."

Measurements with insulation testers in high resistance ranges are difficult to interpret when problems exist in the particular unit under test. Polarization, moisture and poor insulation often result in erratic readings by the unit, causing
doubt in the measurement. Verifying the tester and lead performance is vital to understanding the measurement.

EDL's Megaohm Validator® can be used in the laboratory, or on-site, to verify the measurement accuracy of the insulation resistance tester. Additional product information may be found online at www.edl-inc.com.

About EDL Inc.:

EDL takes pride in delivering temperature solutions to customer specific applications. Experienced technical staff and engineering teams provide custom solutions for the most unique temperature situation and their extensive production and engineering facility allows such development in-house for proper testing, evaluation, and fast delivery. EDL's standard products, metrology line, and compression fittings may be viewed online at: www.edl-inc.com.

Quality support and service continues to shape EDL, Inc. Since EDL's founding in 1943, providing exceptional service is a part of the company's culture and remains a constant in every aspect of EDL's business practices. EDL's experienced sales and customer service representatives are knowledgeable about the temperature measurement
and calibration industry and are always available to assist you. Find out more at www.edl-inc.com.


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EDL, Inc.

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