Edge Prep Machine features 4-axis design.

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EXM-50EZ allows edge prep to be applied to various lateral and OD style cutting tools, handling tools with less than .100 in. OD up to 1¼ in. OD, such as end mills with flute length capacity from ½-10 in. long. It lets user pick tool family from list of 10 tools displayed on touchscreen, each with edge prep process designated as ferrous and non-ferrous. Designed to work with DXM-50EZ in cellular manufacturing or apart in remote locations, machine operates on 110 Vac.

Original Press Release:

Conicity Technologies Introduces New EXM-50EZ Edge Prep Machine

Conicity Technologies, LLC, the leader in cutting tool edge preparation technology, has introduced their new EXM-50EZ machine. The 4-axis CNC EXM-50EZ is the second design release in the Conicity EZ Series of edge prep equipment.

The original 3-axis DXM-50EZ machine was launched in 2006 specifically for edge prep on drills, reamers, and gun drills. The new EXM-50EZ machine has been developed to compliment the product line of the DXM equipment by allowing edge prep to be applied to lateral and OD style cutting tools such as end mills, thread mills, taps, routers, ball nose inserts, and round shank form tools along with edge prep of steps on step drills and step reamers.

The EXM-50EZ also has capability for micro-deburring steel surgical tools such as bone drills and bone reamers. The capacity of the unit permits edge prep on a tool diameter range of less than .100" OD up to 1-1/4" OD tools such as end mills with flute length capacity from 1/2" long up to 10" long. Along with the above features, the EXM-50EZ also has flute polishing capability and post-coat polishing of coated tools.

The machine is "tool specific", which means the end user picks a tool family from a list of 10 tools displayed on the touch screen. Within each of the 10 tools an edge prep process designated as "ferrous" and "non-ferrous" is chosen for the end use of the tool cutting ferrous or non-ferrous materials. The EXM-50EZ is designed to operate for months of use without need for adjustment for wear, and like the DXM-50 machine, training takes less than 1 hour.

Both the DXM-50EZ and the EXM-50EZ operate on common household current (110 VAC) requiring less amperage than a standard household toaster. The two machines were designed to work together in cellular manufacturing or apart in remote locations. With no other utilities needed but standard 110 volt power supply, the machines have maximum flexibility to be located beside a grinder to combine processes, or in a finish tool area for final prep before shipping.

Conicity Technologies, a subsidiary of Weiler Corporation headquartered in Cresco, PA, is the developer of the patented Engineered Micro-Geometry(TM) (EMG) technology used to improve workpiece quality and extend tool life through precise management of the tool-workpiece interface.

For more information, contact Conicity Technologies at (877) 752-6132 or visit their website at www.conicity.com.

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