Economical STAT FAX Chemistry Analyzers Available at Block Scientific

A reliable laboratory equipment supplier, Block Scientific is well-known for its vast line of high quality lab instruments. Adding value to this collection are the advanced STAT FAX chemistry analyzers from industry leader Awareness Technology, Inc. The STAT FAX line of analyzers offered comprises popular models such as STAT FAX 1904 Plus, STAT FAX 3300 and STAT FAX 4500. These competitively priced, new chemistry analyzers come with manufacturer warranty.

STAT FAX 4500 is an economical, standalone, compact device designed to meet the requirements of modern laboratories. Features include

- Touch screen interface

- Superb optics

- On-board curve-fitting software

- Built-in printer

- Bichromatic and Monochromatic reading

STAT FAX 3300 comes with flip-up display screen and stores control values and create Levey-Jennings plots for QC. The plug-in standard external keyboard makes data entry easy. It can create work list, run tests and print patient reports in addition to storing patient data. The vacuum system speeds up sampling and reduces carryover and calibration is traceable to NIST standard.

STAT FAX 1904 features an on-board graphics printer and is easy to use with step-by-step prompting. This CE-certified instrument has a non-volatile memory which can store approximately 60 user programs and bichromatic optics. It includes six filters and can perform both endpoint and kinetic assays.

All of these cost-effective STAT FAX chemistry analyzers come with long-life IAD filters.

Block Scientific has special considerations for labs with budget limitations. The store offers recertified laboratory equipment at reasonable pricing, special weekly deals, and convenient reagent rental plans.

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