Econolite® Transportation Solutions Included in China's Smart Cities Initiative

Panyu District to address traffic congestion with intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

Anaheim, Calif. – Econolite today announced that its Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) offerings will be included as part of China’s Smart Cities urbanization project to enhance roadway efficiencies and safety. The Smart Cities urbanization project is part of the country’s recently announced infrastructure-based stimulus package estimated at $40 trillion Yuan ($6.4 trillion US) - 10 times larger than China’s 2008 stimulus package. Econolite’s ITS solutions will first address the growing traffic congestion in the Panyu District of Guangzhou, China. Econolite and Safetran (an Econolite Group company) products will be used to enhance traffic mobility along six intersections of the heavily traveled north-south Guangming North Rd. arterial in downtown Panyu, with the intent to expand the ITS concept in the District.

Panyu District is situated on the Pearl River Delta and has long been known as a hub for commercial trade with Hong Kong and Macau located on either side of the delta inlet. The expanding commerce has helped fuel the rapidly growing middle class, which in turn has created new levels of traffic congestion in the ancient region. Guangming Rd. is a corridor that is home to high-occupancy retail, food service and office space, which makes building additional roadway capacity not feasible. “The current resident population of Panyu District is about one million,” said Econolite Director of International Business Ed Ehrman. “However, the weekday population swells to nearly two million with commuters making their way into the downtown area for work.”

The dramatic influx of weekday traffic, including passenger vehicles, trucks, bicyclists/scooters, and pedestrians, worsens an already problematic commute. In addition, it contributes to a host of other problems, including high levels of pollution and incidents of driver aggressiveness. “The traffic congestion is also posing a real threat to the sustainability of economic growth,” said Ehrman.

Econolite will work with regional partner, Wu Song Associates (Shanghai), Ltd., to install a Centracs® Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS), ASC/3 Series traffic controllers, Autoscope® video detection systems, and 336S Series Safetran cabinets to upgrade the Guangming Rd. arterial in Panyu District.

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